Schadenfreude in English (fwd)

Hartmut Haberland hartmut at EMMA.RUC.DK
Mon May 5 23:37:42 UTC 1997

> The pleasure is not about the other's misfortune
> as such, but lies in some sense of satisfaction one get's out of it; it always
> implies some "I've told you so" or "You wouldn't listen" or "This serves
> you right".

So if I'm driving down the highway (or in a school speed zone) and
someone blows past me and I say "Cop bait!" (or "Kids jaywalk here!")
 and then a little bit on  I see them pulled over and getting a ticket, that glee
 is Schadenfreude?

(You can forward my example on to the list if you think it would
advance the discussion any.)

Note: in South Carolina you can get a drivers license at 15 without
taking any drivers education. I learned to drive elsewhere. I didn't
used to yell at other cars.

Marie Egan
egan at

...... exactly, that's Schadenfreude, I'd say.
Hartmut Haberland

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