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The Linguistic Association Of The Southwest (LASSO) announces a change in
the editorship of its journal, the _Southwest Journal of Linguistics_.
Effective with Volume 16 (1997), the journal will be housed at Texas A&M
University-Commerce, where the new editor, Jon Jonz, is Professor of English
and Linguistics.

The _Southwest Journal of Linguistics_ is also renewing its call for
manuscripts.  Each 220-page volume of the _Southwest Journal of Linguistics_
is published in two numbers, one in June and one in December.  The journal
publishes papers across a broad range of topics in linguistics, though
essays and research papers dealing with the languages of the southwestern
United States and northern Mexico are especially encouraged.

The journal also publishes scholarly reviews of the literature, book
reviews, and occasional commentary on topics of concern to the journal's

_Instructions for Contributors_

Manuscripts are to be prepared according to the advice contained in the
_Language_ style sheet, which is published annually in the December LSA
Bulletin.  In addition, contributors should submit _three_ printed or
photocopied copies of the manuscript.  After a manuscript has been accepted
for publication its author(s) will be asked to provide the revised
manuscript in electronic form either on diskette or via the internet.
Submissions must be accompanied by an abstract in English of between 100 and
150 words.  Manuscripts should be prepared using Word for Windows or another
common word processing program for PC or Mac.  Contributions may be
submitted in either English or Spanish.  Contact the editor for guidance in
using special symbols.

All manuscripts and inquiries should be directed to:

        Jon G. Jonz, Editor
        Southwest Journal of Linguistics
        Dept. of Literature & Languages
        Texas A&M U - Commerce
        Commerce, TX 75429   USA
        E-mail:  jon_jonz at

Authors need not be LASSO members to submit their work for review, but
authors of papers selected for publication must be LASSO members.  For
membership and subscription information contact the Executive Director:

        Garland D. Bills, Executive Director
        Linguistic Association of the Southwest
        Department of Linguistics
        University of New Mexico
        Albuquerque, New Mexico  87131   USA
        E-mail:  gbills at

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