Schadenfreude in other languages

Enrique Figueroa E. efiguero at CAPOMO.USON.MX
Tue May 6 19:34:30 UTC 1997

Interesting how different languages (most probably, I guess, copying one
language, probably German, which is the case for Slavic languages) add or
take away nuances.
In Spanish the noun of the corresponding phrase could be any one of
these (and perhaps some others too):
*infortunio, desgracia, mal, sufrimiento, desdicha*
All of these would be accompanied by the adjective *ajeno*
As for the verb, it could be any of the following (and probably some
others as well):
*gozar, complacerse, disfrutar, alegrarse* (always with one the these
prepositions: *de*/*con*).
Example: *gozar de la desgracia ajena*

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