3rd Himalayan Languages Symposium -- 2nd Circular

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3rd Himalayan Languages Symposium

July 18-20, 1997
UC Santa Barbara Campus

2nd Circular

The time for the 3rd Himalayan Languages Symposium is approaching
quickly.  Our apologies for the lateness of this 2nd Circular.  The
primary difficulty has been the finalization of the budget, a necessary
precondition for the determination of registration costs.  We are
grateful to the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, the
Interdisciplinary Humanities Center at UC Santa Barbara, and the UCSB
Dept. of Linguistics, all sponsors of the 3rd Himalayan Languages

Keynote Speaker

We are honored to announce that Dr. John Gumperz (Professor Emeritus, UC
Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara) will give the keynote address for the

Language Loss in Communicative Perspective

Dr. Gumperz is one of the foremost scholars in anthropological
linguistics.  His work is seminal and draws on decades of research on
languages throughout the world, including South Asia and the Himalayan

Invited Presentations

In addition to the abstracts submitted, we have also invited two
scholars with expertise in the languages and speakers of particular
geographic regions to give special presentations providing basic
overviews of the linguistic distribution of those regions.  The invited
speakers are:

        Richard Strand:         Nuristani languages
        Roland Bielmeier:       Tibetan languages and dialects (to be confirmed)

Scheduling and Organization

Conference participants should plan to arrive in Santa Barbara on
Thursday July 17th.  Those coming from overseas may wish to arrive on the
16th, to allow a day to recuperate from travelling.  The following events
have been planned, and give the basic structure of the Symposium:

        Opening Reception and Registration      Thurs. July 17th, 7:30-9pm
        Regular sessions begin                  Fri. July 18th, 8:30 am
        Panel on Language Endangerment  Fri. July 18th, 7pm
        Parasession on Language and Culture
                in the Himalayan Context                Sat. July 19th (all day)
        Mediterranean Banquet                   Sat. July 19th, 7pm
        Regular sessions end                    Sun July 20th, 12:30 pm

In addition to the Parasession on Language and Culture, the 3rd Himalayan
Languages Symposium will be enriched by the addition of Working Groups,
designed to bring together conference participants who are actively
studying similar topics, and to allow for informal discussion and the
exchange of ideas.  These will be held on Friday and Saturday, taking up
half of the scheduled ninety-minute lunch period.  There are currently
four working groups planned; the topics are nominalization, verb
morphology, participial constructions and directionals/deictics.  We
could add as many as two other groups, and are open to proposals.

Presentations and handouts

The final schedule for the conference has not been finalized, as it is
as yet unclear how many of our overseas colleagues will be able to join
us. At this point, we are estimating that there will be between 30 and
35 participants.

There is a photocopy center on campus (and many off campus) where people
may photocopy handouts, etc.  An overhead projector will also be
available, as well as a PC computer which can be projected. (If you wish
to use the PC, please contact us before the conference.)

As the final number of participants is not yet fixed, we cannot yet
determine the length of presentations. We are hoping to allot 30 minutes
per paper (including a question period).  We will be sending around the
final schedule in the 3rd Circular in June and will inform you of the
time allotments then.

Titles of Presentations

The following papers have been accepted for presentation at the

Anvita Abbi
Redundancies and restructuring in Bangani syntax: A case of
language contact in Western Himalaya

Erik Andvik
Semantic and syntactic aspects of the Tshangla 'non-final'

Asif Agha
Lhasa Tibetan honorific language

CM Bandhu
Language endangerment: a case of Kusunda

Elena Bashir
Busushaski/Khowar commonalities

Balthasar Bickel
Root alternation in Belhare demonstratives: grammaticalized
transposition of deictic fields

Roland Bielmeier and Nicolas Tournadre
Grammaticalization in Tibetan

Ilija Casule
Cultural words of paleobalkanic origin in Burushaski

Anant R. Chauhan
Non-pareil and the salient features of Kangri

Alec Coupe
Agency and control in Ao (Naga)

Scott DeLancey
The position of agreement of the Proto-Tibeto-Burman verb

DING Chun-Shou
On the auxiliary words of Tibeto-Burman languages

C.T. Dorji
Honorific systems in Dzongkha

George van Driem
The Baraam of Gorkhaa: Hodgson's 'Bhramu' rediscovered

S. Fulop and Michael Dobrovolsky
An instrumental analysis of Shachop

Satyendra Narayan Goswami
The Nising language: a descriptive analysis

David Hargreaves
Say and hearsay in Kathmandu Newar discourse

Katrin Hasler
Tones in the Dege Dialect of Tibetan: A glimpse on the
process of tonogenesis
Peter Hook
Extraction and attraction in Gultari, a dialect of Eastern

Jiangbian Jiacuo
To see the characters of Belti Tibetan Dialect through

Shree Krishan
Clause structure in Kom
Kinship in Kuki

Michael Noonan
Converbial Constructions in Chantyal

Jean-Robert Opgenort
The principal verbal categories of Ombule

Dipti Phukan Patgiri
Causative verb in Assamese and Rabha: A comparative study

Madhav Pokharel
Reciprocity in Kiranti

James Reed
Aspects of reported speech in Nepali

D.P. Sastry
Monpa Relative Clauses

Daya R. Shakya
On naming a language

Suhnu Ram Sharma
Manchad phonological analysis -- Some problems
The state of Tibeto-Burman languages in the western

Uma Shrestha
What's in a pronoun?

Richard Strand
An overview of the Kamviri verbal system
Direction and Location in Nuristani languages

SUN Hongkai
On Tibeto-Burman languages of Eastern Himalaya area in China

WANG Qilong
On the Versions of Shes-Dya-rab-tu-Gsal

WANG Zhijing
A Tibetan position in regional linguistics

Ramawatar Yadav
Markers of definiteness in Maithili

Yogendra P. Yadava
The typology of verb agreement: evidence from Nepali, Hindi
and Maithili
Language endangerment in Nepal

Getting to Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is located about 100 miles (175 kilometers) north of Los
Angeles.  We will thus be unable to provide transportation from the Los
Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Santa Barbara.  The easiest way
to travel to Santa Barbara from LAX is by air; United, American and
Delta are the primary airlines which service the Santa Barbara airport.
(Those coming from overseas should allow at least three hours to clear
customs in their port of entry before transferring to their next
flight.)  Another option is to take the Santa Barbara Airbus from LAX .
This often involves waiting for some time in a high traffic area until
the bus arrives, however, it may be less expensive than flying.  The
current charge is $60 (round-trip) if reservations are made and paid for
in advance.  Those wishing to contact the Santa Barbara Airbus company
should call 1-800-423-1618. Be sure to tell them that you are going to
Goleta (near UCSB) as opposed to the main Santa Barbara drop-off point.
(Note: those bringing in foreign currency are advised to change as much
money as necessary at the airport which is their port of entry.
Exchanging foreign currency in Santa Barbara is a time-consuming
activity, and not all currencies may be exchanged at local banks.)
        Whether you arrive at the Santa Barbara Airport or at the SB
Airbus terminal, UCSB Conference Services will provide free
transportation to the residence halls.  Find a phone, and call 893-2772.
A representative of conference services will arrive to meet you within
ten minutes.
        It is also possible to reach Santa Barbara by train.  Amtrak
provides service to cities up and down the west coast via the Coast
Starlight.  There is also the San Diegan line, which provides service
between Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Diego.  Whereas the Coast
Starlight tends to run late, the San Diegan is generally prompt and
should deliver you at the promised time.  UCSB Conference Services does
not provide transportation from the train station. Those coming by train
must take a taxi to campus. (This should cost around $20.)
        Finally, one can of course drive to Santa Barbara by automobile.
Take highway 101.  If coming from the South, drive past all the Santa
Barbara exits, until you see the exit for UCSB.  This will put you onto
another freeway (217; Ward Memorial Blvd.) that takes you directly to
the UCSB East Gate.  If coming from the North, take the UCSB/Storke
Road/Glen Annie Road exit. Go right on Storke and follow it until it
ends at El Collegio Rd.  Go left on El Collegio until it comes to the
UCSB West Gate.  Whether you arrive at the West Gate or the East Gate,
you should stop at the kiosk and the attendant will give you a map and
direct you to the Santa Rosa residence hall, where you can pick up a
complimentary parking permit from the staff at the desk  (If you think
you will be arriving after 8pm, contact me separately and I’ll send you
a map – the parking kiosk may be closed.)


Participants travelling from overseas will need visas to enter the US.
Most Europeans will be able to enter the country through the “Waiver
Program” – check with the US consulate in your country for details.
Others may come in either on a tourist visa, or on a J-1 visa as a short
term scholar.  For those travelling from Asia, the J-1 visa may be
easier to obtain.  If you wish to apply for a J-1 visa, please contact
us as soon as possible (via e-mail or fax), so that we may collect the
necessary information and start the process.


Conference participants will be housed in the Santa Rosa dormitory on
the UCSB campus.  The costs for room and board for the three nights are
given below (the first meal provided is dinner on the 17th; the last is
lunch on the 20th):

        Single Occupancy:       $190.00
        Double Occupancy:       $150.00 (per person)

The cost for an additional night in the dormitory is $42 single
occupancy and $29 (per person) double.  This does not include meals.

Each dormitory room has beds, desks, dressers, and lamps.  Linens are
included and maids will clean the rooms daily.  There are shared
bathrooms on each hall.  It is recommended that you bring a bathrobe,
alarm clock and hangers. In addition, there are no telephones in the
dormitory rooms, so you may wish to bring a credit card  or calling card
for making calls from the phones in the lobby.  Family and colleagues
needing to get in touch with you can leave a message at (805) 893-2772.

For those participants desiring less spartan accommodations, there are
two options.  One is the UCSB Faculty Club, a nice facility on campus
which has six guest rooms with private baths.  The current rate is
$65/night – the only meal included is a light breakfast.  If you wish to
stay at the Faculty Club, I recommend that you make reservations as soon
as possible, as rooms are limited.  You may phone them directly at (805)
893-3096.  The other option is to make reservations in town.  Santa
Barbara has hundreds of hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, etc.,
providing a wide variety of accommodations.  As the conference is being
held during peak tourist season, hotel rooms will be expensive (mostly
upwards of $100/night, excluding meals) and reservations will be
difficult to obtain on short notice.  Also, keep in mind that the UCSB
campus is somewhat removed from most hotels, and transportation will be
the responsibility of those staying off campus.   To make off-campus
reservations  phone the Accommodations Reservations Service at (805)

Conference participants also have the option of purchasing passes to the
Recreation Center, a modern facility including swimming pools, weight
room, aerobic exercise equipment, etc.  The cost for this is $3.50/day.
Passes may be purchased from the Conference Center staff (Wed-Fri. 9-5).


Santa Barbara in July is usually lovely, clear and warm, with daytime
temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (about 27 Celsius), give or
take a few degrees.  However, some years July brings a considerable
amount of fog, especially in the evenings and early mornings, and this
fog is quite chilly when blowing off the ocean.  This generally brings
the daytime temperatures down to around 65 Fahrenheit (about 18
Celsius).  So be sure to bring a sweater or light jacket just in case.
Rain is highly unlikely (though not entirely unheard of) in July.

Financial Matters

The registration costs (including the banquet) for the conference are as

                Advance Registration
                Regular         $50
                Student         $30

                On-Site Registration
                Regular         $65
                Student         $40

In addition, we must require a room deposit of $100 to reserve your room
in the residence hall.  (You also have the option of paying your room
and board fees in full in advance).  To reserve a space in the residence
hall, this deposit must be received no later than June 13, 1997. This
deposit is non-refundable after June 17, 1997.

To pay your deposit and advance registration, send a personal check,
cashier’s check or money order in US dollars payable to UC Regents.
Please note that to pay the balance of your fees at the conference we
will require cash or check; we are unable to accept credit cards.  When
you are paying your deposit, please include the Response Form below.

4th Himalayan Languages Symposium

For those of you who are fond of planning ahead, we are happy to
announce that plans for the 4th Himalayan Languages Symposium are already
underway.  Dr. Suhnu Ram Sharma has graciously volunteered to host the
4th Symposium in Pune, India.  While exact dates have yet to be
determined, the conference has been tentatively scheduled for November,

Further Information

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us
in one of the following ways:

Postal Address:
        Dept. of Linguistics
        UC Santa Barbara
        Santa Barbara, CA 93106

FAX: (805) 893-7769

Telephone (Carol Genetti): (805) 893-3574

e-mail: hls at vowel.ucsb.edu

RESPONSE FORM – 2nd Circular
Please return as soon as possible, but no later than June 13, 1997.

(Note: no need to return this if you said in the 1st Circular response
form that you are not coming.)

FAX or e-mail:

____    Yes, I am definitely attending the 3rd Himalayan Languages

____    No, I am not going to attend the 3rd Himalayan Languages Symposium.

Residence Halls
To guarantee housing in the residence halls, a minimum deposit of US
$100 must be received by Friday June 13th.

____    I will be staying in the residence halls for the following nights
        ___ Wed. July 16, ___ Thurs. July 17-Sat. July 19,
        ___ Sun. July 20.

____    I am  ___ male, ____ female.

____    I will be bringing a guest.  Name: _____________________.

____    I would like a single occupancy room.

____    I/we would like a  double occupancy room

___ I will be sharing the room with  _______________________________.

___ I will share a room with any conference participant of the
        same gender.

____    I will be staying at the Faculty Club.  I have made my own

____    I will be staying off campus and will require a $6 parking pass.

____    I have special dietary needs, specifically __________________________ .

Funds Enclosed
____    I am enclosing my deposit for room and board in the amount of US

____    I am paying my room and board costs in full (total amount US
        $___________ , including room/board costs of guest, if any).

____    I am paying my registration costs. (Amount: US $______ )

____    My guest will also register and attend the conference and banquet
        (Amount: US $_____ ).

____    My guest wishes to attend the banquet only, for a charge of US

Total amount enclosed:   US $ ________________.

Mail this Response Form, together with your check payable to UC Regents,
        3rd Himalayan Languages Symposium
        Dept. of Linguistics
        UC Santa Barbara
        Santa Barbara,  CA 93106

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