Non-expressible speech acts (fwd)

Hartmut Haberland hartmut at EMMA.RUC.DK
Wed May 14 12:42:30 UTC 1997

I have been asked for references about speech acts without speech act verbs.
Jef Verschueren has written a paper, "The semantics of forgotten routines",
which is a chapter in his 1985 'What people say they do with words' book
(Ablex), and it also appeared as a chapter in Florian Coulmas' 1981 volume
'Conversational Routines' (Mouton).

Karen Ebert has repeatedly referred to the fact that Fering, a North Frisian
dialect spoken on the island of Foehr (Germany), has no speech act verbs at
all. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to have come in print. Also, she
informs me, Fering has very few words for emotions since some things simply
are not talked about in the community. There is, e.g. no expression
for something like "I love you".

Regards, Hartmut Haberland

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