Functional Phonology

Yishai Tobin yishai at BGUMAIL.BGU.AC.IL
Sun May 18 12:45:55 UTC 1997

I would like to announce my new book:

Phonology as Human Behavior: Theoretical Implications and Clinical
Applications (1997, 408 pages, 47 charts, paperback $27.95, Duke
University Press (919-688-5134)

*Phonology as Human Behavior* brings work in human cognition, behavior and
communication to bear on the study of phonology.  The author extends the
ideas of William Diver as part of a new theory of phonology as human
behavior.  Showing the far-reaching psycho- and sociolinguistic utility of
this theory, the author demonstrates its applicability to the teaching of
phonetics, text analysis, first language acquisition, and functional and
organic speech and hearing disorders.  Of interest to specialists in
linguistics, developmental and clinical linguistics, and speech pathology,
*Phonology as Human Behavior* maintains that language in general and
phonology in particular are instances of human cognitive behavior and
provides a unique set of principles connecting the phylogeny, ontogeny,
and pathology of sound systems in human language.

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