conference announcement

Michael Darnell darnell at CSD.UWM.EDU
Thu May 29 14:28:52 UTC 1997


24th University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Linguistics Symposium

This announcement is to note several minor changes from our previous
preliminary announcement.  We apologize for multiple postings.

Our 24th symposium has been rescheduled.  The symposium will be held
April 17-19, 1998, one week prior to our original date.

Additionally, further announcements will be posted under a new conference
title.  Although the conference will still be centrally concerned with
Contrastive Rhetoric and Rhetorical Typology, we have broadened our scope
slightly.  Thus, the conference, more appropriately, will be entitled

Discourse Across Languages and Cultures.

Further announcements on the submission of abstracts, invited speakers,
and the conference schedule will be posted later this summer.

Contact person:
Mike Darnell
darnell at

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