speech function tagging and discourse anaylysis

Bob Wyatt bobwyatt at GEOCITIES.COM
Mon Nov 24 13:47:23 UTC 1997

Dear list colleagues,
I am a PhD candidate in Applied Linguistics at the Catholic U. of S.
Paulo, Brazil. I have been working on text analysis with a focus on the
identification and classification of speech functions and the clause
mood choices used to realize them. The nature of this work has required
me to develop a set of tags for classifying both speech functions and
text types. As a result, I'm looking for publications on tagging, the
classification of indirect speech acts, markedness theory and those
which deal with marked and unmarked  forms. Although I have a basic idea
of what may be essential to my bibliography (Brown & Levinson, Halliday,
Hasan, Martin, O'Donnell, ...) , I would appreciate any suggestions you
might have, especially concerning current work related to topics above.

Best Wishes,

PS - This message is being posted on several lists. My apologies if you
receive multiple copies.

Bob Wyatt MA Applied Linguistics
Distance Education Group, COGEAE, PUC/SP, Brazil
Homepage http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/8604

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