Unique NLP: Address Correction

Anne Sing annes at HTDC.ORG
Sat Aug 29 00:40:00 UTC 1998

The correct web address for this request is


Sorry for the confusion.

>As part of our due dilligence in researching our NLP work,
>I am looking to see if anyone has seen technology similar to
>that being offered (for Free) by our company at
>http://www.ergo-ling.com.  The free dowload is called
>"ChatterBox" and it is intended for use with the 3-D
>animations that are available at that site.
>It is quite fun actually so if you enjoy "talking computers"
>you might want to take a look.  The product allows you to chat
>with the animations in the following manner.
>You (or the designer) enter in information statements
>and then later you query the character for that information
>such as:
>        my appointments are at 5 pm and 6 am
>        your name is roswell
>        you live in new york
>        the man who has the gun lives in the park
>        the tall dark stranger was killed by the man with
>           gun
>        the tall dark stranger was jogging through the park
>        your fax number is 8085393924
>        John's web address is john.com
>        when are my appointments?
>        what is your name?
>        what was the stranger doing?
>        what is your fax number?
>        what is john's web address?
>and so on.
>I would like to be know as accurately as possible if there are
>any other such products anywhere else either as a commercial
>product or research project.  If so I would like to the url's
>or email addresses of those who make them.
>I will post a summary to the list.
>Phil Bralich
Philip A. Bralich, President
Ergo Linguistic Technologies
2800 Woodlawn Drive, Suite 175
Honolulu, HI 96822

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