Ergativity and objects in Spanish

A.M. Bolkestein A.M.Bolkestein at LET.UVA.NL
Sun Feb 15 11:56:36 UTC 1998

There is a special issue of the journal STUF (Sprachtypologische
Universalien Forschung) edited by Hans Juergen Sasse and Yaron Matras
(1995) on
VS order in a number of European languages (among other classical Latin
(by me), Italian (by Giuliano Bernini) , modern Greek (by Hans Juergen
Sasse), data from early Romance languages, among other, I believe,
early Spanish data (Rosanna Sornicola). There are statistical data in
some of these articles, and , among other, attention for both semantic
parameters (valency) and discourse conditions. Why not have  a look at it?
It is I believe directly relevant.
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