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Sat Feb 28 06:21:32 UTC 1998

On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, John Myhill wrote:

> To who may have the information I'm looking for,
> (1) I read an article by John Hinds once called (I think) `Paragraph
> structure and pronominalization' (or something like that) but I can't
> remember where and I don't seem to have any copies of it any more. Does
> anyone out there know where this article was published?

References of 3 works by John Hinds that I know of:

1) Conversational structure: An Investigation based on Japanese interview
discourse in John Hinds & I howard (eds), problems in Japanese Syntax and
semantics. Tokyo 1978
2) Aspects of Japanese Discourse Stucture. Tokyo 1976.
3) Conversational Interaction in Central Thai.  1992. In Proceedings of
the International Symposium on Language and Linguistics. Thammasat
University, thailand.

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