Western thought

Carl.Mills at UC.EDU Carl.Mills at UC.EDU
Fri Jan 15 13:16:20 UTC 1999

With all due respect to Esa Itkonen, whatever the main thrust of Lakoff and Johnson's earlier work has been, one
would be led by the posting describing their latest book to conclude that its main target is not "objectivism."
Rather, Lakoff and Johnson seem in this latest book to be taking on the presumption, present in a lot of thought,
western and otherwise, that the mind is disembodied.

I am waiting to get my copy of the book.  But it would seem that L&J have touched on a crucial idea laid out most
trenchantly in Antonio Damasio's (1994) Descartes' Error.  How about it, George, while we are waiting for the
book to arrive, would you care to comment on similarities and differences between L&J and Damasio?


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