New Book: Philosophy in the Flesh

George Lakoff lakoff at COGSCI.BERKELEY.EDU
Sun Jan 17 18:14:42 UTC 1999

At 7:03 PM -0800 1/15/99, Noel Rude wrote:
>        But don't you exult just a little too much!  Like Francis Crick's "The
>Astonishing Hypothesis", it sounds like this will be just more of the
>same old materialist philosophy that has dominated Western Civ ever
>since deism became agnosticism became atheism.  Should you have finally
>proven the "state religion", then what?  Do we drop out of the churches
>and synagogues, quit the Republican party, and let the academics tell us
>how it really is?
>        Noel

Quitting the Republican Party will do.

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