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                Best Grammar(s) of the Twentieth Century

        As we approach the quadruple witching of end-of-the-year,
end-of-the-decade, end-of-the-century & end-of-the-millenium, register your
nomination for the 'best' grammar(s) of the twentieth century.
        'Best', of course, translates directly into 'favorite'. It is a
subjective reaction, but we must all have our 'best'/'favorite' grammars.

        *These will be grammars made public/published after January 1, 1900.
         But they may be dissertations that were never distributed otherwise.

        *These will be 'book length', meaning that (however long) they will
         not be a part of a collection of 'sketches', although they may be
         monographs in a series. They will have a separate bibliographical
         identity, i.e., their own ISBN.

        *Please provide bibliographical information: Author(s). Date. Title.
         Place of Publication: Publisher.

        *These will be 'synchronic' grammars.

        *They will be 'grammars'. Although phonetics & phonology are normally
         components of a grammar, works confined to those areas, e.g. The Sound
         Pattern of English, will not be eligible.

        *You can nominate/vote for as many grammars as you wish.

        *You can only nominate/vote once for a given title.

        *You can return and nominate/vote again if a title, which had earlier
         slipped your mind, occurs to you.

        *Yes, if you insist, you can nominate/vote for your own grammars.

        *You can provide reasons for your selection(s), and those comments may
         appear in association with the respective titles. I _especially_
         encourage this.

        *Only positive nominations/votes will be tallied and only
         neutral/positive remarks, repeated. Flames will be ignored.

        *If you wish your comments to remain anonymous, tell me and I will
         attribute them to 'Anon.'

        *When/If there are sufficient responses to generate a list, it will be

        *You have until December 31, 1999, 11:59pm. The list, if there is one,
         will stay up after that.

        *You may nominate/vote by leaving me e-mail at pwd at Use
         subject line: 'Grammar(s)'.

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