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Leonel Requena lrequena at DANYSOFT.COM.AR
Sat Jul 17 17:52:27 UTC 1999

Philip W. Davis wrote (16/07/99):

>Best Grammar(s) of the Twentieth Century

>As we approach the quadruple witching of end-of-the-year,
>end-of-the-decade, end-of-the-century & end-of-the-millenium, register your
>nomination for the 'best' grammar(s) of the twentieth century.    

>        *You have until December 31, 1999, 11:59pm. The list, if there is one,
>         will stay up after that

You should be aware that the end-of the-year is not, at the same time, the end-of-the-decade, end-of-the-century, etc., (all this at the end-of-next-year). If the best grammar of the century appears next year, what are you going to do? ¡That's unfair!

Best wishes for the end-of-the-year and for the end-of-that-year.

Leonel Requena
(Not in a hurry).
Buenos Aires
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