ICLC'99 program and practical matters

Ljuba Veselinova ljuba at LING.SU.SE
Fri Jun 4 13:26:36 UTC 1999

Dear All,

the program of the 6th ICLA conference is now posted at


Here come some practical issues:

Early registration ends on June 10, that is a week from
now. Please register as soon as you can, preferably online:


As some of you already know, the World Police and
Fire Games will take place in Stockholm in the last two
weeks of July, that is right after our conference. This
means that all hotel rooms, hostels and such are taken at
least from July 9 and onwards. There are a number of rooms
reserved for the conference participants however we can
hold them only until June 10.  Please try to make your
reservations as soon as possible. Instructions about hotel
reservtions can be found at


Finally, we have applied for a discount subway and bus card
for the conference participants. In order to approve our
application the local traffic company requires 50 people to
sign up now. Please do that at


Apologies to those of you who have already registered and
made arrangements for their accomodation. A similar message
will appear on a couple of other lists as well. Please
excuse us for cross-posting.

Welcome to the ICLC99 and Stockholm!

Best wishes,

ICLC99 Organizing Committee

     6th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference
web:   http://www.iclc99.su.se/iclc99/
email: humfak at iclc99.su.se              ICLC'99 (Erling Wande)
phone: +46-8-16 2912                    Stockholm University
fax:   +46-8-15 8871                    106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

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