Problems needed!

Tom Payne tpayne at OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
Thu Jun 10 15:34:00 UTC 1999

Dear Funknet

  I am currently putting together a "workbook" of exercises
for a beginning morphology and syntax course. This will be a
categorized and annotated collection of problems, with a
"teacher's edition" that contains the solutions. There are
still a few gaps in the table of contents, and I would like
to request your help in filling them. Here is what is still

1) A problem that requires students to identify an
antipassive construction. This should not be in Inuit,
Dyirbal or any Polynesian language.

2) A problem that demonstrates object incorporation. Any
language but Chukchee or Panare.

3) A problem that illustrates an "inverse" system of the
Algonquian type, but not an Algonquian language (!) if

4) A problem that illustrates "heavy" vs. "lite" reflexives,
but not Russian, Spanish or any related language. One that
illustrates reflexive vs. middle constructions would also be

Thanks for any and all help. So far there are about 80
problems in the manuscript. As an incentive to participate,
I will promise a free pre-publication copy of the work to
anyone whose contribution is adopted. I have lots of data
and references on these issues, but am hoping to not have to
"reinvent the wheel" if someone out there already has
problems prepared.

Tom Payne

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