Jakobson and Nasals

Dianne K. Patterson dkp at U.ARIZONA.EDU
Wed Jun 23 15:59:50 UTC 1999

I can't claim to know of any books, but I have always felt that nasals
should be classed as continuants...this captures an important aspect of
their character.  I didn't know that anyone else had thought of them this
way.  I look forward to hearing more.
Dianne Patterson
U of A

On Wed, 23 Jun 1999, [iso-8859-1] kai ruth wrote:

> Greetings
> Ladefoged in his "Preliminaries to Linguistics
> Phonetics" (1971) implies that Roman
> Jakobson considered NASALS as CONTINUANTS in his later
> works.I would appreciate very
> much if any member of this mailing list informs me
> that in which book/article Jakobson
> introduces such an idea. Please if possible write also
> the page number. Morover, is there any other linguist
> who considers nasals as continuants? I am aware of
> Trubetzkoy and O'conner
> With regards  and most sincere thanks
> Kai Ruth
> kai_ruth at yahoo.co.uk
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