CSDL 2000 Conference Program

John W. Du Bois dubois at humanitas.ucsb.edu
Thu Apr 13 22:28:48 UTC 2000

Following is the preliminary program for the conference on "Conceptual
Structure, Discourse, and Language" (CSDL 2000), to be held at UC Santa
Barbara May 11-14, 2000.

Please note that the postmark deadline for early registration is April
15. Also, special rates on conference hotels are available only until
April 20, so please make your hotel reservations now.

For program update, registration, lodging, and other conference
information please see our web site at:


John Du Bois
CSDL 2000 Organizing Committee
dubois at humanitas.ucsb.edu

Preliminary Program: Conceptual Structure, Discourse, and Language 2000
[Revised April 12, 2000]

Note: All CSDL events (except the banquet) take place in the University
Center (UCen, pronounced U-Cen) at the University of California, Santa
Barbara. All plenary sessions are in Corwin Pavilion East (excluding the
two Thursday afternoon workshops, which are in the Santa Barbara Harbor
Room). Other rooms are indicated in the program version posted on the

Thursday May 11 (afternoon)

12-8:00 PM      Registration

1:30-3:00       Gilles Fauconnier (San Diego), Mark Turner (Maryland) and Eve
Sweetser (Berkeley)
                Workshop: Topics in Blending Theory

3:00-3:30       Coffee Break

3:30-5:00       John Du Bois (Santa Barbara) and Patricia Clancy (Santa
Barbara), Organizers
                Workshop:  Topics in Discourse, Grammar, and Interaction

5:00-7:00       Dinner Break

7:00-9:30       Dan Montello (Santa Barbara), Organizer
                Pre-Conference Session:   Language and Spatial Information
7:00-7:30       Barbara Tversky (Stanford)  "Describing Routes and Events"
7:30-8:00       Gary Allen (South Carolina) "Environmental Influences on Route
Descriptions: A Component Analysis"
8:00-8:30       Helen Couclelis (Santa Barbara) "Natural Language in a
Geographic Information System"
8:30-9:00       David M. Mark (SUNY Buffalo) "Where Do Basic (Geo) Spatial
Relations Between Lines and Regions Come From?"
9:00-9:30       Andrew Frank (Technical University, Vienna) "A Formalism of
Metaphorical Transfer: From Spatial to Non-Spatial"

Friday May 12 (morning)

8:30-8:45       Welcome and Opening Remarks

8:45-9:45       George Lakoff  (Berkeley) The Neural Theory of Language
(Plenary Lecture)

9:45-10:15      Coffee Break

10:15-12:15     Acquisition of Grammar
10:15-10:45     Patricia Clancy "Exceptional Casemarking in  Korean
Acquisition: A Discourse-Functional Account"
10:45-11:15     Nancy Budwig & Bhuvana Narasimhan "Transitive and
Intransitive Constructions in Hindi-Speaking Caregiver-Child
11:15-11:45     Holger Diessel & Michael Tomasello "The Emergence of
Relative Constructions in Early Child Language"
11:45-12:15     Michael Israel "How Children Get Constructions"

10:15-12:15     Grammar of Pre-/Postpositions & Particles
10:15-10:45     Nancy Chang & Benjamin Bergen "Spatial Schematicity of
Prepositions in Neural Grammar"
10:45-11:15     Stefan Gries "Particle Placement in English: A Cognitive and
Multifactorial Investigation"
11:15-11:45     David Zubin & Klaus-Michael Koepcke "Experiencer in the
Landscape: Gender in the Geographic Lexicon of German"
11:45-12:15     Kyoko Masuda "The Evidence from Conversation for a
Usage-Based Model: The Occurrence and Non-Occurrence of Japanese
Locative Particles in Conversation"

10:15-12:15     Metaphor
10:15-10:45     Eleni Koutsomitopoulos "The Role of Conceptual Metaphor in
Knowledge Engineering: Metaphor-Based Ontologies"
10:45-11:15     Mary Helen Immordino "Metaphor Use in a Seventh-Grade
Science Lesson: Implications for Students' Understandings"
11:15-11:45     Mari Takada, Kazuko Shinohara  & Fumi Morizumi
"Socio-Cultural Values as Motivation of Mapping: An Analysis of
Daughter-as-Commodity Metaphor in Japanese"
11:45-12:15     Kevin Moore "More vs. Less Language-Specific Temporal

12:15-1:30      Lunch Break

Friday May 12 (afternoon)

1:30-2:30        Rachel Giora (Tel Aviv) Salience and Context Effects: The
Case of Humor (Plenary Lecture)

2:30-3:30       Literal & Nonliteral Meaning
2:30-3:00       Mira Ariel "Salient, Linguistic, and Interactional Meanings:
The Demise of a Unique Literal Meaning"
3:00-3:30       Balthasar Bickel "Conversational Relativity: An Aspect of
Irony and Reproach in Belhare"
2:30-3:30       Argument Structure +
2:30-3:00       Ki-Sun Hong "Thematic Roles and Cognition: A Case of Korean
3:00-3:30       Tsuyoshi Ono "Japanese (W)Atashi 'I':  It's Not Just a

2:30-3:30       Prosody
2:30-3:00       Scott Liddell "Suprasegmentals at the Core of  an English
3:00-3:30       [TBA]

3:30-4:00       Coffee Break

4:00-5:00       Literal & Nonliteral Meaning
4:00-4:30       Paula Lima, Raymond Gibbs, & E. Francozo "DESIRE IS HUNGER:
New Ideas About Old Conceptual Metaphors"
4:30-5:00       Barbara Holder &Seana Coulson "Hints on How to Drink from a
Fire Hose: Conceptual Blending in the Wild Blue Yonder"

4:00-5:00       Argument Structure
4:00-4:30       Jean-Pierre Koenig  "Class Selectivity and the
Participant/Setting Distinction"
4:30-5:00       Patrick Farrell "The Conceptual Structure of  "Agentive"

4:00-5:00       Interactionally Distributed Cognition
4:00-4:30       Gene Lerner "Finding 'Interactionally Distributed' and
'Shared' Cognition in Searching for a Word"
4:30-5:00       Monica Turk "Discontinuity and  Conversational Uses of 'and'"

5:00-7:00       Dinner Break

7:00-8:00       Sandra Thompson (Santa Barbara) Conceptual Structure,
Discourse, and Object Complements (Plenary Lecture)

8:00-9:00       Wallace Chafe (Santa Barbara) Discourse Appreciation (Plenary

Saturday May 13 (morning)

9-10            Dedre Gentner (Northwestern) Analogy  (Plenary Lecture)

10-10:30        Coffee Break

10:30-12:30     Analogy
10:30-11:00     Jeffrey Loewenstein & Dedre Gentner "Spatial Relational
Language Facilitates Preschoolers' Understanding of Relations"
11:00-11:30     Esther Kim "Analogy as Discourse Process"
11:30-12:00     David Uttal & Jeffrey Loewenstein "On the Relation Between
Maps and Analogies"
12:00-12:30     Lindsey Engle "Analogy in US Classrooms: Pedagogical
Processes Structuring the Acquisition of Abstract Mathematical

10:30-12:30     Form, Meaning, and Mapping
10:30-11:00     Mark Lee & John Brandon "Metaphor, Pretence and
11:00-11:30     Michael Hanson "The Importance of Being Ironic: Uses of
Irony in A Group Discussion about Race, Gender and Adulthood"
11:30-12:00     Haldur Oim "STRAIGHT in Estonian"
12:00-12:30     Pilar Duran & Stacy Kingler "Positive and Negative Evidence
Provided to Hispanic Women by Children and Teachers"

10:30-12:30     Syntax Across Clauses
10:30-11:00     Beaumont Brush "Force, Time, and Predicate Structure in
Interclausal Relations"
11:00-11:30     Cristiano Broccias "A Cognitive Account of  English
Resultative Constructions"
11:30-12:00     Joseph Park "The Intonation Unit as a Cognitive Unit:
Evidence from Korean Complex Sentences"
12:00-12:30     Mirna Pit "Subjectivity in Causal Coherence Relations"

12:30-1:30      Lunch Break

Saturday May 13 (afternoon)

1:30-2:30       Kathryn Bock (Illinois) The Persistence of Structural Priming
in Language Production (Plenary Lecture)

2:30-3:30       Priming in Discourse
2:30-3:00       John Du Bois "Reusable Syntax: Socially Distributed Cognition
in Dialogic Interaction"
3:00-3:30       Michele Emanatian "Metaphor Clustering in Discourse"

2:30-3:30       Sound and Meaning
2:30-3:00       Tim Rohrer "Conceptual Integration Networks in Political
Thought: Visual and Phonemic Blends"
3:00-3:30       Benjamin Bergen "Probabilistic Associations Between Sound and
Meaning: Belief Networks for Modeling Phonaesthemes"

2:30-3:30       Non-Literal Meaning Across Languages
2:30-3:00       Heather Bortfield "Comprehending Idioms  Cross-Linguistically"
3:00-3:30       Ashlee Bailey "On the Non-Existence of Blue-Yellow and
Red-Green Color Terms:  The Case of Semantic Extension"

3:30-4:00       Coffee Break

4:00-5:30       Phonology: Sound and Use
4:00-4:30       Joan Bybee "Phonological Clues to the Size of Storage and
Processing Units"
4:30-5:00       Liang Tao "Transnumerality and Classifier:  Do They Come as a
Package Deal?"
5:00-5:30       Marilyn Vihmann "The Role of Vocal Production in the Ontogeny
of Language: Theoretical and Experimental Evidence"

4:00-5:30       Grammaticization and Language Use
4:00-4:30       Shoichi Iwasaki "Structural Reanalysis in Discourse"
4:30-5:00       Kaoru Horie & Debra Occhi "Borrowing for 'Thinking For
Speaking': A Case Study from Japanese"
5:00-5:30       Ritva Laury "The Definite Article in Interlanguage and
Grammaticization: A Comparison"

4:00-5:30       Metaphor, Blending, and Change
4:00-4:30       Hilary Young & Anatol Stefanowitsch "Domain Blending in
English: The adj-and-adj Construction"
4:30-5:00       Mei-Chung Liu "Categorical Structure and  Semantic
Representation of  Mandarin Verbs of Communication"
5:00-5:30       Josef Ruppenhofer & Esther J. Wood "Pragmatic Inferencing and
Metaphor in Semantic Change"

5:30-5:40       Break

5:40-6:40       Charles Li (Santa Barbara) The Evolutionary Origin of Language
(Plenary Lecture)

6:40-7:30       Cash Bar (Faculty Club)

7:30-9:30       Banquet (Faculty Club)

Sunday May 14

9:30-10:30      Mark Turner (Maryland) Compression in Thought and Language
(Plenary Lecture)

10:30-45        Coffee Break

10:45-12:15     Cognition in Gesture & Sign
10:45-11:15     Alan Cienki "Gesture, Metaphor, and  Thinking for
11:15-11:45     Paul Dudis "Visible Tokens in Signed Languages"
11:45-12:15     Sarah Taub "Description of Motion in ASL: Cognitive
Strategies Rather Than Arbitrary Rules"

10:45-12:15     Syntax Within the Clause
10:45-11:15     Terry Klahfen "Cognitive Processing of Japanese Inflectional
11:15-11:45     Victor Balaban "I Was Blessed by the Virgin Mary: Use of
Passive Constructions to Reduce Agency in Naturally Occurring Religious
11:45-12:15     Todd McDaniels "Deictic Shift as a Function of Preposing in
Comanche Narrative"

10:45-12:15     Acquisition of Narrative
10:45-11:15     Molly Losh "Affective and Social-Cognitive Underpinnings of
Narrative: Insights from Autism"
11:15-11:45     Anita Zamora, Sarah Kriz & Judy Reilley "The Linguistic
Encoding of Stance in Written and Spoken Texts: A Developmental Study"
11:45-12:15     Ravid Abramson "The Distribution of Non-Imageable
Predicates: A Developmental Perspective"

12:15-1:15      Lunch Break

1:15-2:15       Metaphor & Personification/ Objectification
1:15-1:45       Joe Grady  "Personification and the Typology of Conceptual
1:45-2:15       Melinda Chen "A Cognitive-Linguistic View of  Linguistic
(Human) Objectification"

1:15-2:15       Origins of Relational Meaning: Cognitive Influences and
Cross-Linguistic  Evidence
1:15-1:45       Lorraine McCune "Relational Meaning:  Sources in Infant
Perception, Motion and Cognition"
1:45-2:15       Marilyn Vihmann & Lorraine McCune "Relational Words:
Cross-Linguistic  Evidence" Soonja Choi [Discussant]

1:15-2:15       Meaning in Discourse
1:15-1:45       Kingkarn Thepkanjana "Semantic Variations of the Verb in
Context: A Case Study in Thai"
1:45-2:15       Masahiko Minami "Establishing Viewpoint:  Wrapping-up Devices
in Japanese Oral Narrative Discourse"

2:15-3:15       Ron Langacker (San Diego) Viewing Arrangements and
Experiential Reporting (Plenary Lecture)

3:15-3:30       Closing: John Du Bois,  Patricia Clancy, Dan Montello

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