Conference: Syntax & Semantics in Dubrovnik

Edith A Moravcsik edith at CSD.UWM.EDU
Mon Apr 24 13:39:33 UTC 2000

Some other examples of verbs (or words, more generally) that have converse

   -  English "teach" and "learn" (in some varieties, "learn" is used for
      "teach"; compare the proverbial answer of a parent to the teacher
      who complained that the child was not kept clean enough: "You are
      there to learn 'em, not to smell 'em!")
   -  English "borrow" and "lend" (some people use "borrow" for "lend")
   -  Latin "altus" 'deep', 'high'
   -  Hungarian "ural" 'to dominate' (etymological and original meaning
      now dying out I believe: 'to consider somebody one's lord')

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