Dear Funknetters

Diego Quesada dquesada at
Mon Jan 24 19:46:41 UTC 2000

I wish to apologize for having used the list for a purpose other than
linguistic discussions, especially if that hurt some list members'
sensibilities (sensibilities that, I must say, I have not encountered
elsewhere). Perhaps naively, I thought that since the forwarded menssage
was a matter of volunteering a signature, those who wanted to sign would
simply sign and those who did not would not, and life would go on,
period. Well, it was not like that. Hence my apologies to all colleagues,
especially those who in a civilized way (both on line and off-list) made
me realize that it is not funknetly correct to do what I did.

Needless to say, excluded from my apology are those cavemen ractions
and their embodiments, which a. leave much to be desired both in
terms of manners as well as in terms of intellectual endowment; b. show
how certain (animate) creatures that have names can live up to them;
c. provide living evidence for a Spanish saying that roughly translates
into English as
                "Show me your way of talk and I will tell your brain"

        Dogs (especially strays) generally bark at the unknown out of fear
of it; that is their way of acknowledging and channelling it. It's their
nature; it cannot be changed.

Once more, my sincere and civilized apologies,

J. Diego Quesada
University of Toronto

P.S.    I am repeating a message sent to me via FUNKNET; out of respect to
        the list members I do not repeat one received off-list.

On Mon, 24 Jan 2000, Noel Rude wrote:

> SIR:
>         Stop this junk email!!!  Many, many, many of our countrymen have bled
> and died fighting the menace of marx--several of our tribesmen even
> fought in Siberia during the Bolshevist terror.  The irony of it all:
> This little Spanish judge trying to extradite President Pinochet the
> very day that Dictator Castrito was was in Spain!!!
>         Noel

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