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> _Science Fiction Studies_ is in the process of publishing a series of
> manuscripts found among the papers of its late founding editor, Dale
> Mullen. One of these is an article, written some time ago, on Russell
> Hoban's novel _Riddley Walker_. The article makes a detailed orthographic
> study of the alternative language system in the novel, and we are
> seeking a
> qualified linguist who can vet the manuscript for publication. Ideally, we
> would prefer someone who also knows Hoban's text fairly well. Walt Meyers,
> who had been the resident linguistic expert on our editorial
> board for some
> time, has recently retired, and so cannot help us.
> If you think you are qualified for this assignment or know someone who
> might be, please contact the editor in charge of the manuscript, Carol
> McGuirk, at <cmcguirk at fau.edu>.
> Thanks very much!
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