Requesting help on sources for semantics of Eng verb

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>Subject: Requesting help on sources for semantics of Eng verb
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>Hello, everyone,
>My specialty is Slavic linguistics, and I'm currently working on research
>on the semantics of iterative verb forms in Czech and Russian.  I have been
>trying to find some specialized studies on the expression of iteration in
>English (for example, studies of the history and modern usage of the
>English verbal paraphrase *used to*, as in "He used to visit San Francisco
>2 or 3 times a year, but hasn't been there in a decade or more"), but all I
>can come up with are general descriptions of the verb in English which tend
>to have very little specific information on the usage of "used to" (for
>example, how does it differ from "would" as a marker of iteration and what
>is its discourse function?).
>I would be grateful for suggestions on sources from any English-oriented
>linguists at UW.
>Thanks in advance for the help,
>David S. Danaher, Assistant Professor
>Slavic Languages, 1432 Van Hise
>University of Wisconsin-Madison
>Madison, WI  53706
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Cecilia E. Ford
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