Problem set needed

Tom Payne tpayne at
Fri Aug 3 21:02:27 UTC 2001

Dear Funknet

  I am in need of a good problem set, or at least examples,
from a NON-BANTU language that allows both passive and
applicative marking in the same clause. I would need
examples of active, two-argument clauses, passives of these,
applicatives and then one or more examples of passive and
applicative. The absolutely best examples would be languages
in which a passive can have an applicative added, AND
applicatives that can subsequently be passivized. It is
important that the language NOT be Bantu. The problem is the
assignment the students have involves a Bantu system, and I
need examples that are similar, but not close enough to give
away the solution to their assignment.

  Thanks for any help. If someone can send me some good
examples, I would be glad to reciprocate by sending a MS
copy of a workbook for introductory morphosyntax course.

Tom Payne

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