Assumptions about Communication/Cool Hand Luke

David Tuggy david_tuggy at SIL.ORG
Sun Feb 25 21:22:06 UTC 2001

Gerald VK wrote:

"The advertiser tries to associate some postive
feelings or reinforcement with the product he is selling.  When this
results in a
purchaser buying the product, we say that that communication was
However, if the viewer rejects that association of those particular
feelings with
that product, we say that the communication has failed."

I never thought I would feel like congratulating those who are hard to
communicate with. In this case, I think I do! (I think it was C.S.
Lewis who commented somewhere about how what a triumph of language it
is that logical thought, common sense, self-control, and thrift, can
be lumped together under the rubric of "sales resistance".)

--David Tuggy

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