Assumptions about Communication/Cool Hand Luke

Gerald van Koeverden gvk at
Sun Feb 25 23:07:09 UTC 2001


Obviously, whether or not consumers are brain-washed into buying the product has
absolutely nothing with their esthetic appreciation of the commercials themselves
as being tacky or tasteful.  I agree with that totally.  What I'm I'm trying to
get at is the under-lying unconscious emotional dynamics that do the real work of

Why do you think those ads work?  Or are you totally mystified by the phenomena?
Maybe these companies are buying billions of dollars annually for advertising for


Suzette Haden Elgin wrote:

> **Partly correct or not, I'm not communicating. Let's try this again.
> I'm not talking about subtle negative feelings like a "sense of jealousy on
> the part of the viewer." I mean that tasteless and tacky and even vulgar
> laxative commercials, diarrhea remedy commercials, toilet paper
> commercials, beer commercials, sexual "vigor" commercials [I'm trying hard
> to be neither subtle nor obscure] -- commercials that people find
> literally, overtly disgusting -- sell more product than elegant and
> tasteful commercials that people love.

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