Still openings at LSA Summer Institute

John W. Du Bois dubois at HUMANITAS.UCSB.EDU
Fri Jun 15 23:31:58 UTC 2001

Let me call your attention to the fact that  we are still accepting
students and affiliates for the Linguistic Society of America's 2001
Institute,  September 25-August 3, in Santa Barbara, California . There are
many events of interest to members of this list, including 3-week and
6-week courses on functional linguistics, discourse, grammar, semantics,
pragmatics, conversation analysis, language & culture, prosody, intonation,
and other topics too numerous to mention here. International conferences to
be held in conjunction with the Institute include the Intenational
Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Society for Text and Discourse,
International Association for Linguistic Typology, and more. (See the web
site listed below.) It's not too late -- come and join us for a memorable
and stimulating summer!
         --Jack Du Bois

Please consult the website at
for a full schedule of  events, and application and housing information. If
you have any questions, please email the Institute Coordinator at
lsa2001 at

The following gives some more officical information:
"The Linguistic Society of America's 2001 Institute will be held on the
campus of the University of California at Santa Barbara this summer. We are
still accepting applications and some housing options are available. The
theme of the Institute is 'Linguistic Diversity: How and Why Languages
Differ' with a special emphasis on Pacific Rim Languages. In addition to
the core linguistic courses, there will also be courses in language use,
language and culture, language acquisition, and literacy. In keeping with
the focus on linguistic diversity, there are courses delving into the
special complexities of several typologically different language families.
There will also be several sets of related courses which constitute
sub-institutes, organized around such topics as Minimalism, Conversational
Analysis, Teaching English as a Second Language, Chinese corpus
linguistics, Japanese linguistics, and Korean linguistics. In addition, a
rich selection of workshops and conferences, some small and some large,
will be held during the Institute
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