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     The basic idea is that phonological representations require the use of
     variables and cannot be accounted for by different strengths of
     connections or statistical generalizations. Evidence for variables is
     problematic for connectionism.

     The primary author of the article for correspondence is Iris Berent.
     iberent at fau.edu

     Dan Everett

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Subject: Re: Dyslexia
Author:  <Twright at accdvm.accd.edu> at Internet
Date:    3/21/01 1:41 PM

At 08:17 AM 3/21/01 -0500, dan everett wrote:

>     We have a new paper either just out or nearly out in Cognitive
>     Psychology on variables in Hebrew word representation, also arguing
>     that phonological representation is nonconnectionist, symbolic and
>     representational.

What exactly is meant by "nonconnectionist" in this context?  I am familiar
with the concepts of connectionism, but could you expand a bit about
phonological representation being nonconnectionist?  Also, what is the
difference between it being symbolic and being representational?  I am eager
to know more about this line of inquiry, as it sounds very interesting.

--Tony Wright

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