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John Benjamins Publishing would like to call your attention to two new
volumes in linguistics:

Non-canonical Marking of Subjects and Objects.
Alexandra Aikenvald (Research Centre for Linguistics Typology),  R.M.W.
Dixon (La Trobe University) and Masayuki Onishi (Meyo University, Okinawa)
Typological Studies in Language 46
United States and Canada: 1 58811 043 5 / USD 114.00 (Hardcover)
1 58811 044 3 / USD 49.95 (Paperback)
Rest of world:  90 272 2949 X / NLG 250.00 (Hardcover)
90 272 2950 3 / NLG 110.00 (Paperback)

In some languages every subject is marked in the same way, and also every
object. But there are languages in which a small set of verbs mark their
subjects or their objects in an unusual way. For example, most verbs may
mark their subject with nominative case, but one small set of verbs may
have dative subjects, and another small set may have locative subjects.
Verbs with noncanonically marked subjects and objects typically refer to
physiological states or events, inner feelings, perception and cognition.
The Introduction sets out the theoretical parameters and defines the
properties in terms of which subjects and objects can be analysed.
Following chapters discuss Icelandic, Bengali, Quechua, Finnish, Japanese,
Amele (a Papuan language), and Tariana (an Amazonian language); there is
also a general discussion of European languages. This is a pioneering study
providing new and fascinating data, and dealing with a topic of prime
theoretical importance to linguists of many persuasions.

Contributions by: A.Y. Aikhenvald; A.D. Andrews; L. Campbell; R.M.W. Dixon;
M. Haspelmath; G. Hermon; M. Onishi; J. Roberts; A.K. Sands; M. Shibatani.

Modal Verbs in Germanic and Romance Languages.
Johan van der Auwera (University of Antwerp), Patrick Dendale (University
of Antwerp) (eds.)
Belgian Journal of Linguistics 14
United States and Canada: 1 58811 145 8 / USD 41.00 (Paperback)
Rest of world: 90 272 2674 1 / NLG 90.00 (Paperback)

The Belgian Journal of Linguistics is a yearly publication devoted to a
specific theme determined by the topics of the meetings of the Linguistic
Society of Belgium.

Table of Contents

Johan van der Auwera and Patrick Dendale

Delia Bentley
Metonomy and Metaphor in the Evolution of Modal Verbs: Evidence from

Gabriele Diewald
A Basic Semantic Template for Lexical and Grammaticalized Uses of the
German Modals

Kleanthes K. Grohmann
Null Modals in Germanic (and Romance): Infinitival Exclamatives

Jacqueline Gueron
 From Need to Necessity: A Syntactic Path to Modality

Javier Gutierrez-Rexach
The Semanitcs of Spanish Permission Sentences: A Dynamic Account

Paul Larreya
Modal Verbs and the Expression of Futurity in English, French and Italian

Tanja Mortelmans
On the 'Evidential' Nature of the 'Epistemic' Use of the German Modals
mussen and sollen

Virginia Motopanyane and Larisa Avram
The Syntax of putea and its Mixed Typology

Fatima Oliveira
Some Issues about the Protuguese Modals dever and poder

Aurelia Usoniene
On the Modality of the English Verbs of Seeming

Mieke Van Herreweghe
*Motan in The Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records

Maria Eugenia Vazquez-Laslop
Epistemic prometer and Full Deontic Modal Verbs

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