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Tue Mar 26 17:28:58 UTC 2002

CSLI Publications is pleased to announce the availability of:

Cecchetto (University of Siena), Gennaro Chierchia (University of
Milan), and Maria Teresa Guasti (University of Milano-Bicocca), eds.
;paper ISBN: 1-57586-316-2, $25.00, cloth ISBN: 1-57586-315-4,
$65.00, 388 pages. CSLI Publications 2001. , email: pubs at

To order this book, contact The University of Chicago Press. Call
their toll free order number 1-800-621-2736  (U.S. & Canada only)  or
order online at (use the search
feature to locate the book, then order).

Book description:

This volume collects original papers - from some of the most
prominent linguists in the world - on the theory of meaning
(semantics) and its relation to syntax. The debate on the
syntax-semantics interface, one of the  liveliest in the field, is
sure to be invigorated by these contributions.
The contributors discuss central aspects of how meaning and form are
related, by looking at a range of topics where such relations play a
particularly prominent role. The topics address reference and
anaphora as well as tense and aspect. The specific issues discussed
include: the nature of identity statements, the referential
properties of indefinites and the debate on their scopal properties,
the theory of reconstruction, the proper characterization of
aspectual notions and actional classes, tense in embedded, and
intensional contexts. These papers offer a valuable source of the
latest hypotheses being developed on the subject of syntax/semantics


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