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Title: Prepositions in their Syntactic, Semantic and Pragmatic Context
Series Title: Typological Studies in Language 50

Publication Year: 2002
Publisher: John Benjamins

Editor: Susanne  Feigenbaum
Editor: Dennis  Kurzon
(University of Haifa, Israel)

US & Canada: Hardback: ISBN: 1588111725, Pages: vi, 304 pp., Price: USD 90.00
Everywhere else: Hardback: ISBN: 9027229562, Pages: vi, 304 pp., Price: EUR


The growing interest in prepositions is reflected by this impressive
collection of papers from leading scholars of various fields. The
selected contributions of Prepositions in their Syntactic, Semantic
and Pragmatic Context focus on the local and temporal semantics of
prepositions in relation to their context, too. Following an
introduction which puts this new approach into a thematical and
historical perspective, the volume presents fifteen studies in the
following areas: The semantics of space dynamics (mainly on French
prepositions); Language acquisition (aphasia and code-switching);
Artificial intelligence (mainly of English prepositions); Specific
languages: Hebrew (from a number of perspectives -- syntax, semiotics,
and sociolinguistic impact on morphology), Maltese, the Melanesian
English-based Creole Bislama, and Biblical translations into

Table of Contents

      Susanne Feigenbaum and Dennis Kurzon  1
Instability and the theory of semantic forms: Starting from the case
of prepositions
      Yves-Marie Visetti and Pierre Cadiot  9
Schematics and motifs in the semantics of prepositions
      Pierre Cadiot  41
The theoretical status of prepositions: The case of the "prospective
use" of in
      Franck Lebas  59
Temporal semantics of prepositions in context
      David S. Brée and Ian E. Pratt-Hartmann  75
Prepositions and context
      Ian E. Pratt-Hartmann and Nissim Francez  115
Prepositional phrases as noun modifiers in contemporary Hebrew:
Grammatical, semantic and pragmatic motivations
      Esther Borochovsky and Hava Reppen  127
The Hebrew prepositions mi-/min "from, of": Same or different?
      Yishai Tobin  145
A contrastive analysis of French and Hebrew prepositions: The case of
sans, bli-belo and lelo
      Susanne Feigenbaum  171
A language in change: Declined prepositions in spoken Modern Hebrew as
a case study
      Inbar Kimchi-Angert  193
The French preposition in contact with Hebrew
      Miriam Ben-Rafael  209
"Preposition" as functor: The case of long in Bislama
      Dennis Kurzon  231
Prepositions in modern Judeo-Greek (JG) Biblical translations
      Julia G. Krivoruchko  249
Quddiem and some remarks on grammatical aspects of Maltese
      Rami Saari  269
Locative prepositions in language acquisition and aphasia
      Mark Leikin  283
Index  299

Lingfield(s):  Typology

Written In:  English (Language Code: ENG)

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