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lbeason at USOUTHAL.EDU wrote:

> Does anyone have suggestions for a textbook to use in an introductory
> course at the master's level on discourse analysis?
> This would be essentially the only course any of the students have
> taken on the subject; most would have almost exclusively a literature or
> creative writing background.   My goals for the course are broad and
> flexible: essentially, to provide useful ways of analyzing texts in a
> more-or-less technical, linguistic manner in order to understand the
> meaning or importance of these texts.
> For instance, I plan to cover some of speech-act theory and politeness
> theory as they apply to business letters, speech, and literature.
> In particular, if someone can recommend a book dealing with discourse
> analysis that draws on grammar (traditional or otherwise), I'd
> appreciate your suggestions.
> --Larry Beason
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