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I'm afraid this is what happens when you undertake to be the point person
for a general inquiry like this. Once a question reaches the group, it
becomes common property (in a lively exchange it is not uncommon for the
instigator of an inquiry to be completely forgotten). It turned out that a
number of us had something substantive to contribute (including, not
surprisingly, some publishers). My guess is that few of us would have
bothered to write in for the sole benefit of Mr Beason. I learned to my
great surprise just how many new books on discourse analysis were now on
the market, and I got some useful information, for which I am grateful to
FUNKNET colleagues, as well as to you.



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I'm glad to see suggestions for discourse textbooks coming in, but
please don't send them to me. Please send them directly to the person
who asked for them, who is NOT a subscriber to Funknet so far as I know:
Larry Beason, e-mail <lbeason at USOUTHAL.EDU>. I can't manage forwarding
all your messages to him; we just started teaching today.

I could ask him for a summary that I could then post to Funknet.

So thanks again, but let's make sure the suggestions get to the guy who
needs them!

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