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November 1, 2 and 3, 2002

Boston University is pleased to announce the preliminary schedule for the
27th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development.  Updates
to the schedule as well as registration materials and general and travel
information are available on our web page at:

Please feel free to contact the Conference Office at (617) 353-3085, or
e-mail at langconf at if you have any questions.



Friday, 9.00-12.30pm:  Session A
L. BLENN, A. SEIDL, B. HOEHLE: Recognition of phrases in early language
acquisition: The role of morphological markers
L. SANTELMANN: Infants' processing of relationships across languages:
Comparing English and German
D. SWINGLEY: On the phonological encoding of novel words by one-year-olds
J. TENENBAUM, F. XU: Bayesian inference in learning words with overlapping
J. HALBERDA: Young competence and the systematic breakdown of a
word-learning strategy
M. PREISSLER: Mutual exclusivity as a word learning constraint in children
with autism

Friday, 9.00-12.30pm:  Session B
C. HAMANN: What French normal and impaired children do with functional
categories - and the implications for approaches to language development
J. PARADIS, M. CRAGO, F. GENESEE: Object clitics as a clinical marker of SLI
in French: Evidence from French-English bilingual children
M. MC GUCKIAN, A. HENRY: Grammatical morpheme omission in children with
hearing impairment acquiring spoken English
S. FISH, B. MOREN, R. HOFFMEISTER, B. SCHICK: The acquisition of classifier
phonology in ASL by deaf children: Evidence from descriptions of objects in
specific spatial arrangements
A. WEINBERG: The development of visual attention through social interaction
in young deaf children
D. LILLO-MARTIN, S. BERK: Acquisition of constituent order under delayed
linguistic input

Friday, 9.00-12.30pm:  Session C
T. IONIN: The interpretation of 'the': A new look at articles in L2 English
H. MARSDEN: Inverse scope in L2 Japanese
C. BORGONOVO, P. PREVOST: Knowledge of polarity subjunctive in second
language Spanish
P. SCHULZ, A. WITTEK, Z. PENNER: Opening doors and sweeping floors: What
children with specific language impairment know about telic and atelic verbs
N. KAZANINA, C. PHILLIPS: Eventhood and comprehension of aspect in Russian
M. SMITH, L. NAIGLES, L. WAGNER: Comprehension and production of aspectual
morphology in 22 & 36 month olds

Friday, 12.45pm:  Special Session
BUCLD Business Meeting

Friday, 2.00-5.30pm: Session A
H. SONG, R. BAILLARGEON: Infants' ability to use verbal information when
reasoning about others' goals
J. LANTER-ZAPF: When children know what they do not know: The protracted
course of the acquisition of the plural
C. FISHER, J. SNEDEKER: Counting the nouns: Simple sentence-structure cues
guide verb learning in 21-month-olds
P. DE VILLIERS, F. BURNS: Language and false belief reasoning in specific
language impaired children: Complementing theories
S. RVACHEW: Factors related to the development of phonological awareness
M. RISPOLI: Disassociation of sentence production components during the
development of grammar

Friday, 2.00-5.30pm:  Session B
T. KUPISCH: Cross-linguistic influence in the acquisition of articles by
bilingual German-Italian children
J. BERGER-MORALES, M. SALUSTRI: Root infinitives and participial
constructions: Novel evidence for the Separate Systems Hypothesis
L. SERRATRICE, A. SORACE: Overt and null subjects in monolingual and
bilingual Italian acquisition
S. CONRADIE: Parameter resetting in the second language acquisition of
Afrikaans: The Split Infl Parameter and the V2 parameter
T. MARINIS, C. FELSER, H. CLAHSEN: On-line processing of long-distance
filler-gap dependencies by Chinese L2 learners of English
P. BALCOM: The effects of the L1 on the L2 acquisition of unaccusativity by
francophone and sinophone learners of English

Friday, 2.00-5.30pm:  Session C
J. LIDZ, J. MUSOLINO: C-command really matters
L. MERONI, A. GUALMINI, S. CRAIN: Universal asymmetries in child language
M. LABELLE, D. VALOIS: Floated quantifiers, quantifiers at a distance, and
logical form constructions in the acquisition of L1 French
S. KAJIKAWA, S. AMANO, T. KONDO: Development of conversational style in
Japanese mother-child vocal interactions: Speech overlap, particle use and
J. BAIRD, M. SAYLOR: Preschooler's narrative abilities: Links to knowledge
attribution skills and general language competence
V. AUKRUST: Talk about talk with young children: Pragmatic socialization in
two communities in Norway and the US

Friday, 8.00pm:  Keynote Address
SUSAN GOLDIN-MEADOW: The Resilience of Language

Saturday, 8.00am:  Special Session
P. MCARDLE, M. HOPMANN; C. MCKEE: Federal Funding: What's hot and how to

Saturday 9.00-12.30pm:  Session A
S. ÖZÇALI KAN: When an idea runs through your mind, is it still in your
mind?  A crosslinguistic look at young children's understanding of metaphors
about the mind
K. OH: Manner and path in motion descriptions in English and Korean
L. LAKUSTA, R. LICONA, B. LANDAU: Interactions between spatial
representation and spatial language: The language of events
J. SNEDEKER, S. YUAN, I. MARTIN: A limited role for prosody in children's
online sentence processing
S. CRAIN, L. MERONI: Children's use of referential context
V. SHAFER, R. SCHWARTZ, K. KESSLER: ERP evidence of temporal aspects of
phonological and lexical processing in children

Saturday 9.00-12.30pm:  Session B
S. BERK: Why 'why' is different
B. HOLLEBRANDSE: Long distance WH-extraction revisited
M. ISOBE: Head-internal relative clauses in child Japanese
I. EIGSTI, L. BENNETTO: Syntactic delays in autism: Relationships between
language and neuropsychological factors
A. ERIKS-BROPHY, H. GOODLUCK, D. STOJANOVIC: Sensitivity to A- and A'-
dependencies in high-functioning individuals with Down syndrome
J. SCHAEFFER, A. HACOHEN, A. BERNSTEIN: On the acquisition of DP in
English-speaking children with SLI

Saturday 9.00-12.30pm:  Session C
P. TROFIMOVICH, W. BAKER, J. FLEGE, M. MACK: Second-language sound learning
in children and adults: Learning sounds, words, or both?
T. BURNS, J. WERKER, K. MCVIE: Development of phonetic categories in infants
raised in bilingual and monolingual environments
W. IDSARDI, P. IMSRI: The perception of English stops by Thai children and
A. CARPENTER: Omission of function words vs. lexical syllables in child
H. GOAD, L. WHITE, J. STEELE: Missing surface inflection in SLA: A prosodic
J. TITTERINGTON, A. HENRY, J. TONER: Some effects of the prosodic hierarchy
on the perception and production of spoken language in children with
profound hearing loss who use cochlear implants

Saturday, 12.45pm: Lunch Symposium
R. MAYBERRY, E. PIZZUTO, B. WOLL: The role of input in the acquisition of
signed languages

Saturday 2.15-5.15pm:  Session A
G. MORGAN, I. BARRIÈRE, B. WOLL: Grammatical relations in the acquisition of
S. UZIEL-KARL, N. BUDWIG: The development of nonagent subjects in Hebrew
child language
speech about manner and path in Turkish and English: Universal or
F. HUREWITZ, L. GLEITMAN, R. GELMAN: On the acquisition of numbers and
quantifiers: some, all, two and four at three
M. LE CORRE, S. CAREY: On the role of analog magnitudes in number word

Saturday 2.15-5.15pm:  Session B
I. KRAMER: Reference of indefinite and pronominal noun phrases in English
children's comprehension: Differential contributions of semantics and
A. GUALMINI: Some knowledge children don't lack
A. PAPAFRAGOU: Aspectuality and scalar structure
K. RATHBUN, H. BORTFELD, J. MORGAN, R. GOLINKOFF: What's in a name: Using
highly familiar items to aid segmentation
L. POLKA, M. SUNDARA: Is word segmentation in 7.5 month olds shaped by
native language rhythm?

Saturday 2.15-5.15pm:  Session C
Y. ROSE: ChildPhon: A database solution for the study of child phonology
M. KEHOE, C. LLEO: The acquisition of syllable types in monolingual and
bilingual German and Spanish children
C. KIRK, K. DEMUTH: Coda/onset asymmetries in the acquisition of clusters
Y. LAM: Subject-object asymmetry in child L2 acquisition of WH-movement:
Evidence of L1 transfer

Saturday, 5.30pm:  Plenary Address
BONNIE SCHWARTZ: Child L2 Acquisition: Paving the Way

Sunday, 9.00-1.00pm:  Session A
S. KLINGLER, C. FISHER: What does syntax say about space? Young children use
sentence structure in learning spatial terms
A. NADIG, J. SEDIVY, A. JOSHI: The development of discourse constraints on
the interpretation of adjectives
S. GELMAN, L. RAMAN: Pre-school children use linguistic form class and
pragmatic cues to interpret generics
L. GERKEN, R. WILSON: 17 month olds induce form categories based on
distributional information
R. GOMEZ, L. LAKUSTA: Language learning in probabilistic environments
T. MINTZ: On the distribution of frames in child-directed speech as a basis
for grammatical category learning
M. HADLER, WEYERTS, H. CLAHSEN: Frequency effects in children's production
of inflected word forms

Sunday, 9.00-1.00pm:  Session B
S. PEPERKAMP, M. PETTINATO, F. DUPOUX: Allophonic variation and the
acquisition of phoneme categories
J. MAYE, D. WEISS: Statistical cues facilitate infants' discrimination of
difficult phonetic contrasts
C. DIETRICH, D. SWINGLEY: Infants' processing of language-specific vowel
information in linguistic context
C. DE CAT: Syntactic manifestations of very early pragmatic knowledge
S. SIGURJONSDOTTIR: The different properties of root infinitives and finite
verbs in the acquisition of Icelandic
K. DEEN: Underspecified verb forms and subject omission in Nairobi Swahili
M. SALUSTRI, N. HYAMS: Is there an analogue to the RI stage in the null
subject languages?

Sunday, 9.00-1.00pm:  Session B
P. WOLFF, T. VASSILIEVA: When Russians learn English: How the perception of
CAUSE may change
S. MONTRUL: Bilingual unaccusativity
attrition:  Evidence from Greek and Italian near-native speakers of English
M. OTA: Lexical vs. phrasal pitch contours in early production
M. VIGARIO, S. FROTA, M. FREITAS: From signal to grammar: Rhythm and the
acquisition of syllable structure
S. INKELAS, Y. ROSE: Velar fronting revisited
M. GUASTI, M. LLINAS-GRAU, A. GAVARRO: Catalan as a test for prosodic and
syntactic hypotheses on article omission

Alternate Papers
In the event of a cancellation in the conference program, a substitute
selection will be made from the following alternate papers:
E. BAR-SHALOM: Understanding aspectual entailments in child Russian
J. BRUHN DE GARAVITO: Tense morphology in the acquisition of Spanish as a
second language
K. CASSIDY, A. PAPAFRAGOU, L. GLEITMAN: How to acquire mental state verbs
G. JIA, Y. SHIRAI, S. KHALSA: The acquisition of English tense-aspect
morphology by native Mandarin speakers: A longitudinal study
Y. KAYAMA: Acquisition of Japanese null objects and topic identification
J. KIM: L2 initial syntax: Wh-movement, null subjects, and the most
economical syntactic derivation
M. KIM: Children's sensitivity to adjunct islands in there-sentences
N. PAN, W. SNYDER: Setting the parameters of syllable structure in early
child Dutch
R. PULVERMAN, J. SOOTSMAN, R. GOLINKOFF: The role of lexical knowledge in
nonlinguistic event processing: English-speaking infants' attention to
manner and path                                                                                   M. SAYLOR, M. SABBAGH:  Mapping the action of
constraints, syntax, and pragmatics in children's part-time learning

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