examples of Wari'

Dan Everett dan.everett at MAN.AC.UK
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I should have included these before, since it seems to make it harder
to follow without actually including some examples ('duh')

(1)     *Mi     nam             con             hwam    cam     cwa'    tarama'.
give    3srp/p-3sf      prep:3sm        fish    f       this:m/f        man

'The man gave her the fish.'

(2)     Mi      nam             con             hwam    Hatem   tarama'.
give    3srp/p-3sf      prep:3sm        fish    f:name  man

'The man gave Hatem the fish.'

(3)     Maqui'  na      co      ma'.
        come    3s:rp/p m       that:prox:hearer

        'He came.' (lit: 'That masculine being/thing near you came.')

(4)     Querec  nam             cam ma'         Xijam.
        see     3sr:p/p-3sf     f that:prox:hearer      m:name.

        'Xijam saw her.' (lit: 'Xijam saw that woman/girl.')

Ex. (1) is ungrammatical. The pronoun cannot reference RECIPIENT/GOAL
(the pronominal paradigm is 100% periphrastic, see Everett in progress
for more details). Example (2) is fine, with a proper name instead of a
pronoun. Example (3) is fine, with pronoun as subject, as is (4) with
pronoun as object. No other word orders are possible.

Again, I am not asking for analysis, but whether this pattern rings any
bells as it were - does anyone know of a similar case? No doubt it will
be obvious and reveal my astounding ignorance, but I am willing to
tolerate the humiliation if I get a good answer.


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