Announcing: Algebras, Diagrams and Decisions in Language, Logic and Computation

Christine Sosa sosa at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Wed Feb 12 17:56:42 UTC 2003

CSLI Publications is pleased to announce the publication of:

Kees Vermeulen (CWI, the National Research Center for Mathematics and
Computer Science ) and Ann Copestake (University of Cambridge
Computer Laboratory), eds. .;paper ISBN: 1-57586-372-3, $25.00, cloth
ISBN: 1-57586-371-5, $65.00,  183 pages. CSLI Publications. , email: pubs at

To order this book, contact The University of Chicago Press. Call
their toll free order number 1-800-621-2736  (U.S. & Canada only)  or
order online at (use the search
feature to locate the book, then order).

Book description:

This volume is exemplary in showing how the shared interests of three
different areas of research can lead to significant cooperation and
fruitful exchanges of techniques. Six papers each present in an
accessible way an exciting contribution to the study and use of
algebras, diagrams and decisions. These themes are of interest to
researchers in the areas of language, logic and computation.

The types of contributions range from indispensable overview papers
about shared formal methods to inspirational applications of formal
tools to specific problems.

Contributors to this volume are Pieter Adriaans, Sergei Artemov,
Steven Givant, Edward Keenan, Almerindo Ojeda, Patrick Scotto di
Luzio, and Edward Stabler.


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