2003 Intl. Role and Reference Grammar Conf: Second announcement

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Second Announcement
The 2003 International Course and Conference on Role and Reference Grammar:

Exploring the interfaces among meaning, function and morphosyntactic form

São Paulo State University at São José do Rio Preto, Brazil 14-20th July

The organizing committee for RRG2003 consists of Robert Van Valin
(University at Buffalo), Dan Everett (University of Manchester), Roberto
Gomes Camacho (São Paulo State University), Marize M. Dall'Aglio Hattnher.
(São Paulo State University), Ricardo Mairal (UNED, Madrid) and Toshio Ohori
(Tokyo University).

Event Programme
 A four-day international course will be followed by a three-day
international conference. The course will include lecture sessions at three
levels: introductory, post-graduate and specialized. Introductory sessions
will present the basics of the main topic of the day; post-graduate
sessions will provide a detailed account of functional models, including RRG
and Functional Grammar; and specialized sessions will deal with advanced
topics in RRG. The conference will stage papers, workshops and plenary
sessions.  There will also be a workshop on Amazonian languages headed by
Daniel Everett on July 18-20 as part of the conference.  The title is
'Autochthonous languages in Brazil and syntactic theory: functional and
formal considerations'.  Contact Daniel Everett (Dan.Everett at man.ac.uk) for
more details.

Teaching and Discussion Topics
RRG2003 will deal with issues in linguistic theory related to the theory of
RRG as presented in Van Valin and LaPolla 1997: Syntax: structure, meaning &
function, Cambridge University Press.  Special attention will be paid to the
further elaboration  of RRG in areas like morphology, information structure,
and lexical semantics.

 Parallel Session on FG
During the conference, there will be a parallel session on FG. Papers should
be devoted to the elaboration of the theory of FG as set out in Dik 1997:
The Theory of Functional Grammar. 2 Vols. Edited by Kees Hengeveld. Berlin:
Mouton de Gruyter. Workshops may bear on points of convergence and
divergence between the two functional models.

 Invited Speakers
 Speakers invited to the course and conference include Anna Siewierska
(Lancaster University), Balthasar Bickel (University of Leipzig), Dan
Everett (University of Manchester), Robert Van Valin (University at

The deadline for the submission of abstracts of papers and workshops is
March 31, 2003.  Abstracts should be no longer than three hundred words,
including references. The language of the conference will be English.
Papers will last twenty minutes, followed by another ten minutes of
discussion.  Workshops will last forty-five minutes, followed by another
fifteen minutes of discussion. The selection of papers for presentation will
be communicated by April 30, 2003.

Conference/Course Fee:
Registration fee is US$50.00 for the course and $50.00 for the conference.
Non-Brazilian participants will pay the registration fee in the first day of
the event. For Brazilian participants, the registration fee is R$50,00 for
the course  and R$50,00 for the conference, before April 30, 2003. After
April 30, an  additional R$10,00 will be charged: R$60,00 for the course and
R$60,00 for  the conference.  The difference of fees is due to a partial
grant by the Government for all Brazilian participants.  The fee will
include conference facilities and materials, as well as coffee, refreshments
and snacks.

 Further information

UNESP (Universidade Estadual Paulista) is one of the three public
universities in the State of Sao Paulo. It is a multi campus university
spread all over the State of Sao Paulo. Sao Jose do Rio Preto is a 350,000
inhabitant city, located 450km from the city of Sao Paulo. International
flights from all over the world arrive at Guarulhos International Airport in
Sao Paulo and passengers usually take another 45 minute flight to Sao Jose
do Rio Preto. It is also possible to take a bus (4 and a half hour trip).
Although July and even August are winter months in Brazil, average
temperatures easily reach the 80s at noon. Nights are nicely cool. We are
far from the seashore, but tours to Rio de Janeiro and Bahia can be easily
(and cheaply) arranged for either before or after the RRG Conference.

Discover Tours (discover at riopreto.com.br) is the Official Congress Agency,
responsible for hotel reservation, national and international flights, as
well as suggestion and selling of tourism programs in Brazil for Congress
members. Below we present accommodation options suggested by the Congress
Organization, with special prices. Other options will be offered in the web
page of the RRG2003. Reservation should be done through Discover Tours.

Plaza Inn Nacional:
Standard: single (R$42.00), double (R$55.00)
De Luxe: single (R$66.00), double (R$72.00)
Suite: double (R$120,00)
(US$1 = approx. R$3.60)

A web page is under construction at the moment. Further information on
RRG2003, including a detailed programme, accommodation information, payment,
social events, etc., will be enclosed in subsequent announcements.  Anyone
interested in receiving further information should send a message to the
e-mail address for RRG2003: RRG2003 at ibilce.unesp.br

A pre-registration form is enclosed. Please, send it by e-mail if you intend
to participate in the course, the conference or both.

 Pre-registration form

 Last name:
 First name:
 E-mail address:
 Do you intend to attend the course?
 Do you intend to participate in the conference?
 Do you intend to present a paper?
 Do you intend to present a workshop?

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