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The Third International Contrastive Linguistics Conference, Santiago de Compostela
( I C L C - 3 )
23rd-26th September 2003

First Call Deadline: 01-Feb-2003 (to be extended)
Web Site:
Contact Person: Andrew Rollings
Meeting Email: iaarolli at

                                                                  FIRST CIRCULAR:  CALL FOR PAPERS
- We are pleased to announce that the Third International Contrastive Linguistics Conference (ICLC-3) will be held from Tues. 23rd to Fri. 26th September 2003, in the Philology Faculty of Santiago University, Spain. 
- As in our previous conferences, papers of a contrastive nature are welcome, particularly in the following subject areas: 

Linguistic Description (grammar, lexico-semantics, phonetics, phonology, etc), Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Rhetoric, Translation Studies, Cross-Cultural Studies, Second Language Acquisition, and Languages for Specific Purposes.
- Papers will have a maximum duration of 20 minutes (2500 words). To ensure maximum intelligibility among the audience, they should be presented preferably in either English or Spanish (Castilian), but they may if necessary be presented in French, German or Galician.
- If you wish to take part, please send us an abstract before 1st February 2003. 
The following should be noted: 
- A participant can only present one paper, except that a maximum of two may be presented, provided both are co-authored.
- The maximum number of named authors/participants per paper will be three.
- Please let us emphasize the following:
In order to be accepted, abstracts MUST be written, presented and sent EXACTLY as indicated below. 
Section 1: Full name (including academic title or other style of address) 
of author or authors
 (Some correspondence might be addressed only to the first named)
Section 2: E-mail address ,  followed by postal address(es)  
 * Please make quite sure that both of these items are given fully and correctly!
Section 3: University or other institution, and affiliation(s) (state whether professor,
lecturer, other researcher, or doctoral student)
Section 4: Research Area: please indicate which one (or more) of the above subject-
area labels best applies to your paper
Section 5: Title of paper 
Section 6: Abstract.  This must be single-spaced,  not more than 10 lines long, 
and in the language in which the paper will be presented. (Do not include bibliography.)  
- Each 'section' will begin a new line.
- Abstracts MUST be sent by e-mail, as Word attachments, to:  iaarolli at
- Under "subject", only write "abstract".
- Please name the attachment as follows:  ICLC-3  plus your full name.
- Please use, if possible, the form included at the end of this Circular. This circular, including the form, will soon be available on-line (see below).
- The Conference fee will be 90 euros, to be paid before 31st March 2003. 
- If paid between 1st April and the week of the Conference, it will be 115 euros. 
- The fee is due from each named author. 
- For undergraduate students, the fee will be 30 euros, to be paid any time before the Conference. 
- After a blind refereeing processs, those papers that fulfil the requirements of presentation, originality and scientific rigour will be selected for publication by the Selection Committee. 
- We regret that a further fee of 30 euros will have to be charged for each paper  accepted for publication (whether co-authored or not), as a contribution towards publication and postage costs.
We look forward to your participation.
Kind regards from 
The Organising Committee.

Contact details:
University tel. no.: +34 981 57 53 40   
     (or:  +34 981 59 44 88  for direct dialling of extensions)
Faculty fax no.: +34 981 57 46 46
Contact details of individual Committee members:
Co-ordinators:           tel. extension:         e-mail:  
Dr. Luís Iglesias-Rábade   118 97   iarabade at 
Dr. Andrew Rollings    118 39   iaarolli at  
Dr. Susana Doval-Suárez   118 91   iasdoval at  
Dr. Mª de los Ángeles Gómez-González 118 56   iadimly at, 
Elsa Mª González-Alvarez  120 09   iaelsa at  
Other committee members:
Dr. Mª Teresa Sánchez-Roura   118 89   iatroura at   
Dr. Cristina Mourón-Figueroa  118 32   iacrismf at    
Dr. Teresa Moralejo-Gárate  24714   iamora at 
Antonio Álvarez-Rodríguez   244 46   aalvarez at
Other collaborators:
Dr. Laura Pino-Serrano   118 77   filaura at 
Mª José Domínguez-Vázquez  118 34   majodomi at 

Postal address:
Dr. Luís Iglesias-Rábade
Facultad de Filología
Universidad de Santiago 
Avda. de Castelao, s/n
E - 15782  Santiago de Compostela. 
Website of English Department (with link, in due course, for ICLC-3):
Abstract Proposal Form
1. Name: ________     __________________________  _______________________ 
   Prof. Dr Mr          First name(s)           Surname(s)
   Miss Ms Mrs          
2. E-mail:
    Postal address(es):

3. Institution:
4. Research area   (please write  X  where appropriate):
- Linguistic Description: 
grammar _____     lexico-semantics _____ phonetics _____
phonology _____     other (specify) ____________________ 
- Discourse Analysis _____     Pragmatics _____   Rhetoric _____ 
Translation Studies _____     Cross-Cultural Studies _____
Second Language Acquisition _____  Languages for Specific Purposes _____
Other (if none of the above apply)_________________________________________ 
5.  Title of Paper: 
6.  Abstract:  (max. 10 lines)      
Dr María de los Ángeles Gómez-González
Tenured Lecturer in English
University of Santiago de Compostela
English Department
Avda. Castelao s/n
E-15704 Santiago de Compostela. Compostela.
Tel:  +34 981 563100 Ext. 11856
Fax: +34 981 574646
email: iadimly at
personal website:
research team website:
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