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Jo Rubba jrubba at CALPOLY.EDU
Mon Jan 27 05:51:52 UTC 2003

Hi folks,

I'm starting to get a number of useful responses to my query. I'm very
appreciative of all responses, but in my original request I spoke about
limiting my course to metaphor/conceptual blending and possibly also
schema/frame theory and how literature both conforms to and breaks
frames to communicate its message. My course is only ten weeks long; in
teaching this subject at the graduate level in the past, I found it very
challenging to get through as many topics as are covered even in as
basic a book as Mick Short's very nice _Exploring the Language of Poems,
Plays, and Prose_. Sound effects, point of view, prose style, drama,
etc. are a bit too much to handle in ten weeks. My students usually love
metaphor and schema theory approaches and find them pretty accessible;
I've had some terrific student papers.

I'm getting what look like very nice ideas about metaphor/blending, and
of course more are welcome. But I've had trouble in the past finding
appropriate readings to introduce the schema/frame notion at the level I
need, and am not aware of any work that applies it to  literature, so if
anyone has specific tips there, I'd be extremely appreciative.

Thanks again for all of your responses, and I will post a summary to
both Funknet and teach-ling!


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