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Summer School: Cognitive and Functional Approaches to Language
9 to 12 June 2003, University of San Marino, Republic of San Marino

The School will examine two of the main approaches to the study of
language: functionalism and cognitivism, it will analyze
compatibility, analogies and possible differences. The functionalist
school, which dates back to the early historic tradition, studies,
since the beginning of the last century, the relationship between
form and linguistic function and proposes an approach to language
which is strictly linked to its use and context. Cognitive linguistics is
a more recent branch that developed in the last 30 years within the
North-American cognitive movement, some of whose fundaments it
will then criticize. Cognitive linguistics also focuses on the
importance of the relation between form and function, and it
individuates in particular the cognitive schemes subjected to
thought, perception and language, which determine the linguistic
form. Unlike other theories that study language essentially as a
formal and autonomous process, both cognitive and functional
linguistics strictly correlate syntactic structure and semantic
organization as dependant one from the other, refusing the
hypothesis of language as separated and independent from other
cognitive and perceptive mechanisms.

The lecturers are: William Croft, Holger Diessel, Martin Haspelmath,
Michael Tomasello.

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