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************************************ First Call for Papers

International Conference on

Language, Culture and Mind
Integrating perspectives and methodologies in the study of language

18-20 July 2004
University of Portsmouth, England

Human natural languages are biologically based, cognitively motivated,
affectively rich, socially shared, grammatically organized symbolic
systems. They provide the principal semiotic means for the complexity
and diversity of human cultural life. As has long been recognized, no
single discipline or methodology is sufficient to capture all the
dimensions of this complex and multifaceted phenomenon, which lies at
the heart of what it is to be human. The goal of this conference is to
contribute to situating the study of language in a contemporary
interdisciplinary dialogue. Many of the relevant disciplines have made
highly significant theoretical, methodological and empirical advances
during the last decade. We call for contributions from scholars and
scientists in anthropology, biology, linguistics, philosophy,
psychology, semiotics, cognitive and neurosciences, who wish both to
impart their insights and findings, and learn from other disciplines.
Preference will be given to submissions which emphasize
interdisciplinarity, the interaction between culture, mind and
language, and/or multi-methodological approaches in the language

Topics include but are not limited to:
* Biological and cultural evolution and language
* Comparative study of communication systems
* Cognitive and cultural schematization in language
* Emergence of language in ontogeny and phylogeny
* Language in multi-modal communication
* Language and normativity
* Language and thought, emotion and consciousness

International Organizing Committee
* Carmen Guarddon Anelo, Departamento de Filologias Extranjeras y sus
Lingisticas, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia, Spain
* Raphael Berthele, Departement fur Germanistik, Universite de
Fribourg, Switzerland
* Maria Cristobal, Department of English Philology I. Universidad
Complutense de Madrid, Spain
* Iraide Ibarretxe, Department of English Philology, University of
Deusto / Department of Basque Philology, University of the Basque
Country, Spain
* Jordan Zlatev, Department of Linguistics Lund University / Department
of Philosophy and Linguistics, Umea University, Sweden

Local Organizing Committee, Department of Psychology, University of
Portsmouth, England
* Mike Fluck
* Karl Nunkoosing
* Vasu Reddy
* Chris Sinha
* Vera da Silva
* Joerg Zinken

One page abstracts for 30-minute presentations should be submitted to
Jordan Zlatev (jordan.zlatev at by January 15, 2004.
Notification of acceptance by March 15, 2004. Abstracts will be
reviewed by an International Scientific Committee, membership to be
announced in the second call for papers.

Chris Sinha
Professor of Psychology of Language
Head of Department of Psychology
King Henry Building, King Henry I Street
Portsmouth PO1 2DY
Tel. +44 (0)2392 84 6312
Fax +44 (0)2392 84 6300

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