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Fortieth Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society
15-17 April, 2004

Looking over and the overlooked:
In celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the Chicago Linguistic
Society, this year's conference will focus both on the progress which the
field of linguistics has made since the first meeting of our society, and
on the need for unification within the field. To that end, the Main Session
will highlight our past as an organization and a discipline, while our
Panel Sessions will address the multifaceted nature of the field, by
focusing on topics that are sometimes underrepresented: typology, practical
applications, alternate frameworks--or, in the case of our absence panel,
things which aren't even there! In addition, our post-conference banquet
will feature readings of classic CLS papers from the past four decades.
Main Session Invited Speakers:
Haj Ross, University of North Texas
Bill Darden, University of Chicago
Joan Bresnan, Stanford University

Dispensing with Derivation: Monostratal Theories of Grammar
Paul Hopper, Carnegie Mellon University

Afro-Asiatic: Its Implications for theory
Gene Gragg, University of Chicago

Linguistic Theory and Its Applications
John Goldsmith, University of Chicago

'What we talk about when we talk about nothing':  The experience of absence
in linguistics
Kyle Johnson, U. Mass Amherst & Andrew Barss, U. Arizona

Please visit our website for the program and to register:

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