Underpinnings of functional linguistics?

adam e leeds adamzero at uchicago.edu
Sun Aug 29 20:55:52 UTC 2004

Greetings all,

I have a request to make of you, but to preface, a short introductory statement
seems to be in order. I'm an undergraduate the University of Chicago, soon to
graduate and hopefully soon to enter a graduate program in anthropological
linguistics. My interests include, painting with the broad brush,
indexicality/deixis, reference maintenance, the dynamics of face-to-face
interaction, information structure, reported discourse and cognitive
development, anti-realist holist conherentist contextualist theories of mind
sign and world, and epistemological issues in the social sciences.

My question is a basic one: Can any of you recommend for me good introductory
and in depth functional treatments of linguistics (articles and book-length),
touching on any or all of: the main tenets, assumptions, arguments for, and
structures of, methodological issues, etc. There is a bewildering array of
capital-lettered Functional Syntaxes out there, but I don't really know that
they are the place to start.

Thanks many times over in advance for your responses (which you might want to
direct toward me, personally, rather than toward the list).

Adam E. Leeds

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