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Thu Jul 8 06:13:58 UTC 2004

Center for Semiotic Research, University of
Aarhus, and the Aarhus Research School of
Linguistics hereby announce the

Second Summer School in Cognitive Semiotics
Bornholm, Denmark
1 - 4 September 2004

Perspectives on Poetics and Textual Analysis in Cognitive Semiotics

PhD course and workshop by :
	Professor Christopher Collins (New York Univ.),
	Professor Mark Turner (CWRU, Cleveland),
	PhD Monica Gonzalez-Marquez (Cornell Univ.).

Cognitive semiotics hereby offers an introduction
to a remarkable development in contemporary
poetics and text theory. Recent work on cognitive
poetics shows that linguistic and aesthetic
expressions and contents can be tracked back to
phenomenologically given patterns of meaning,
which are further analyzable in terms of
cognitive schematisms, processes of mental
integration, and neuro-semiotic principles of
aesthetic sense-making.  The production of
meaning occurring in thought, speech, and
literary writing - i.e. in texts - extends from
mental imaging and grammatical constructivity to
textual organization and the poetic creation of
fictional or lyrical wholes; and these aesthetic
compositions inversely determine the 'underlying'
textual, grammatical, and mentally imaginal
content formations. According to this view and
approach, literature and grammar thus share
substantial cognitive properties, and it is a
fascinating and challenging task to develop
models and conceptual tools for their text-based
In cognitive semiotics, it is suggested that
cognition and communication are essentially
interrelated and intertwined. Communication can
be studied as tendentially shared cognition, and
cognition can, in certain respects, be seen as
anticipated communication. Poetics and
linguistics are therefore seen and developed as
interrelated disciplines.
	Our invited teachers are prominent
researchers in cognitive semantics and poetics.
They will animate each day of the course by
giving lectures, participating in subsequent
critical debates, and commenting on student

The PhD course will take place 1 - 4 September
(10am - 6pm) at the following location:

(Det regionale Erhvervshus)
Gl. Rønnevej 17
3730 Neksø

Please register for the course no later than July
25 at the following e-mail address:
semtina at

The course is free of charge. However,
participants are expected to cover their own
travel and living expenses and to make their own
travel arrangements to Neksø.
( and Living expenses will amount
to approx. DKK 625 (incl. VAT) per day.

We recommend participants arrive August 30 and depart September 5.

Due to limited accommodation at the venue we can
accommodate max. 25 participants

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