Second position clitic phenomena

Ilana Mushin imus7639 at
Thu Jul 22 02:28:02 UTC 2004

Dear Funknetters,

I'm working on a typology of second position clitic/auxiliary phenomena in
Australian languages (=Wackernagel's position). These typically include some
person/number/role (ie. Bound pronouns) and also some tense/aspect/mood
information as a clitic complex that prosodically attaches to the 'first'
constituent or word. I'm aware that such phenomena are relatively common
cross linguistically.

While there is lots of literature in the formal syntactic tradition, there
does not appear to be much in the cognitive-functional tradition on this

My question for you all is: What kinds of functional explanations exist for
grammaticalisation of second position phenomena? (including verb second,
second position pronominal clitics and second position other grammatical
material). Has there been much typological work in this area?

You can respond directly to me (ilana.mushin at and I'll post
a summary and list of references, if there is general interest.

Ilana Mushin

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