LACUS Forum XXXII, August 2005, Dartmouth College

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Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States
Association de Linguistique du Canada et des Etats-Unis


Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire
August 2-6 (Tuesday-Saturday), 2005

Conference Theme: NETWORKS

This general theme includes:
	Relational Networks
	Systemic Networks
	Semantic Networks
	Social Networks
	Artificial Neural Networks
	Real Neural Networks
	Augmented Transition Networks
	Computer modeling of networks
	Parallel Processing
	Distributed processing
	X degrees of separation
	Network (vs. tree) representation in Historical Linguistics
	Networks of beliefs

Special Sessions are planned on subordinate themes:
	(1) Computer Simulation of Network Operation
	(2) Neurolinguistics
	(3) Linguistics vis-a-vis "hard" science


LACUS especially invites abstracts relating to the conference theme but
also welcomes abstracts on other linguistic topics. As is traditional at
LACUS meetings, papers are welcome on any aspect of general and
interdisciplinary linguistics, including contributions representing or
proposing innovative ideas or unpopular views.


Papers (and suggestions) are especially invited for the three special
sessions being planned:
	(1) Computer Simulation of Network Operation
	(2) Neurolinguistics
	(3) Linguistics vis-a-vis "hard" science

Please contact David Bennett <db at> or Syd Lamb (lamb at
right away with your ideas.


Papers accepted for the program will be scheduled for either 15
minutes or 25 minutes, with 5 minutes allowed for discussion.

Due Date for Abstracts: 15 January 2005. Earlier submission is
strongly encouraged.

Maximum length: 400 words (not including references). References
should be limited to two or three (additional references may be
included on a separate page but will not appear in the meeting
handbook.) Do not include tables or figures in the abstract.

Anonymity: The abstract should not identify the author(s).

What to Submit: Please submit abstracts only by e-mail.
Preferably, send the abstract as an e-mail attachment in Word,
WordPerfect, or rich text format.

Accompanying Information: In the body of your e-mail (not
part of the attachment) send the following information:
  1. Author's name(s) and affiliation(s).
  2. Title of paper.
  3. Presentation time desired -- 15 or 25 minutes.
  4. Audio-visual equipment required (beyond overhead
  5. Eligibility for prize (if applicable -- see below).
  6. Name a topic (or two topics) to identify the area(s) in
which your paper lies. Choose a topic name from the list above,
or feel free to name another topic if your abstract does
not fit any of these topics.

Where to Submit: David C. Bennett <db at>
(Or, if no e-mail access:
	Department of Linguistics
	SOAS, University of London
	Russell Square
	London, WC1H 0XG


Evaluators of abstracts will appreciate your attention to
these desiderata:
    Informative but brief title
    Clear statement of the problem or questions addressed
    Clear statement of the main point(s) or argument(s)
    Informative examples
    Clear indication of relevance to related work
    Avoidance of jargon and polemic
    References to literature (not included in 400-word limit)


You do not have to be a member of LACUS to submit an abstract. If your
abstract is accepted, you must be a member to present your paper at the
meeting. Members will automatically receive the publication resulting from
the conference.


Continuing a tradition started by the late Kenneth Pike, a committee
consisting of the President, the President-Elect, and former Presidents of
LACUS will select the winner of the annual Presidents' Prize, with an
award of $500, for 'the best paper' by a junior scholar. For purposes of
this prize, 'junior scholar' is defined as one who has had a doctoral
degree or its equivalent for less than five years.

The Presidents' Predoctoral prize, with an award of $100, will be given
for 'the best paper' by a student who has not yet received a doctor's

For purposes of these prizes, 'best paper' is defined as that which in the
judgement of the committee makes the most important contribution to
knowledge. Organization and presentation and the quality of the abstract
are also considered.

The prizes will be awarded at the annual banquet, to be held at the end of
the meeting, Saturday, August 6th.

Only single-authored presentations will be considered for prizes. A person
who has won the same prize twice is no longer eligible.

Junior scholars and predoctoral scholars should identify their status in
the e-mail message sent in with the abstracts, to indicate their
eligibility for one of the prizes.


Thanks to the Ruth Brend Memorial Fund, limited assistance may be
available for scholars from countries with weak currencies who submit
strong abstracts. For information, contact the Conference Committee Chair,
David Bennett.


A panel of referees will select certain papers presented at the meeting
for publication, with appropriate revisions, in LACUS Forum XXXII.


Dartmouth College, a distinguished old Ivy League institution, is located
in Hanover, New Hampshire. Nearby airports are in Lebanon and Manchester,
New Hampshire, and in Burlington, Vermont. The "Dartmouth Bus" takes
passengers to Dartmouth from the Boston Airport at regular intervals.
Details will appear on the LACUS website, at


Low-cost housing will be available on campus, and accommodations will also
be available at the Hanover Inn, across the street from campus, and in
nearby motels. Watch the lacus web site ( for further


Updated conference information will be posted to the LACUS website at
approximately the beginning of every month from now until July next. See

Detailed information will be sent to all LACUS members and to nonmember
authors of accepted abstracts in March.

ADDRESS QUESTIONS about the conference program to David C. Bennett
<db at>

ADDRESS QUESTIONS about Dartmouth College to the local host: Tim Pulju --
Timothy.J.Pulju at


David C. Bennett, SOAS, London, Chair
Lilly Chen, Rice University
Connie Eble, University of North Carolina
Sheila Embleton, York University
Toby Griffen, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Sydney Lamb, Rice University
Tim Pulju, Dartmouth College
Bill Spruiell, Central Michigan University
Lois Stanford, University of Alberta
William J Sullivan, U Wroclawski & U Marii Curie-Sklodowskiej

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