New: Language, Culture and Mind volume

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Fri Oct 22 23:04:18 UTC 2004

ed. by Michel Achard and Suzanne Kemmer
Stanford: CSLI Publications, 2004.   600pp.
Distributed by University of Chicago Press.

This volume contains thirty-five original essays bringing together
work at the crossroads of linguistics, psychology, philosophy,
cognitive science, and related fields. An edited selection from the
seventy papers originally presented at CSDL 6 at Rice University in
2002,  these contributions apply a broad range of methodologies
and perspectives  to the problem of the relation of  language to human
culture and cognition, with an emphasis on how language is produced
and understood in context. Topics include human categorization,
cognitive and cultural models, embodiment, the experiential basis
of categories and conceptual structures, lexical and constructional
semantics, and the distribution and formal properties of linguistic
elements and constructions in a wide variety of languages.

Perspectives and methodologies represented among the papers are
corpus-based methods, discourse analysis, language acquisition,
contrastive analysis, psycholinguistic experimentation, and language
change and grammaticalization. Theoretical frameworks deployed
include Cognitive Grammar, Construction Grammar, Metaphor theory,
and  Mental Space and Blending Theory.

Includes two substantial new papers by John Lucy and Ronald Langacker.
Table of Contents will be distributed separately.

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