Colloquium - Haiim B. Rosen’s Contributions to Israeli Hebrew

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Colloquium - Haiim B. Rosen’s Contributions to Israeli Hebrew
12 December 2004: 11:00-17:30
Eshkol Tower, Observation Gallery (Mitzpor), 30th floor.
University of Haifa

Since its emergence, Israeli Hebrew had been considered a revived language, whose structure is still unstable, thus defying research of its regularities. Professor Haiim B. Rosen (1922-1999) was the first linguist to declare in the early 1950s that Israeli Hebrew is a normal language, with a regular grammatical system, worthy of its own research. Along with this principled declaration, Rosen published books and articles on the structure of Israeli Hebrew, which are still a great source of inspiration for current research.

In this colloquium we are going to take a critical view at Rosen’s contributions to the study of Israeli Hebrew in five domains: phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and the question of continuity and innovation (the problem of “revival”) of Hebrew.

The colloquium is in Hebrew.

Printed invitations in Hebrew will be sent out in a few days, primarily to linguistics and Hebrew language departments in Israeli Universities and colleges. If you are not in these categories and you wish to receive a printed invitation, please drop me a note at kuzar at .


10:30 - Coffee
11:00 - Opening notes
11:15 - Shmuel Bolozky: Rosen's contribution to the understanding of the role of sonority in Israeli Hebrew phonology
12:15 - Ora Schwarzwald	: Morphemes, stems and alternants in Rosen's theory: Source and outcome
13:15 - Lunch
14:30 - Edit Doron: Rosen on the semantics of the Hebrew tense system
15:30 - Ron Kuzar: Rosen’s sentence patterns of Israeli Hebrew
16:30 - Ghil`ad Zuckermann: The Israeli language as an object of independent study: The importance of Rosen's approach to the demystification of the "Hebrew revival"
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