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Call for papers

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Intertheoretical approaches to complex verb constructions

Eleventh Rice Biennial Symposium

Date: March 16th-18th, 2006

Rice University's Linguistics Department will be hosting its Eleventh
Linguistic Symposium in March 2006. The aim of the symposium is to draw
together different theoretical approaches to the various types of
complex predicates found in the languages of the world. Emphasis is on
drawing together work on different language families and in different
linguistic frameworks.

The current confirmed speakers are:

Andrew Garrett (UC Berkeley)
Talmy Givon (Oregon)
Alice Harris (SUNY Stony Brook)
Martin Hilpert and Christian Koops (Rice)
Simin Karimi (U Arizona)
Andrew Pawley (Australian National University)
Kingkarn Thepkanjana (Chulalongkorn University)
Keren Rice (U Toronto)
Eva Schultze-Berndt (Karl-Franzens-Universitaet Graz)
Masayoshi Shibatani (Rice)

We would like to invite expressions of interest for additional papers
directed towards the symposium theme; we anticipate having space for
approximately three more speakers. Talks will be 45 minutes, with 15
minutes for questions. While there will be no formal position paper,
speakers will be asked to keep in mind a general set of questions which
will form the main issues for discussion at the symposium. It is
anticipated that a collection of papers from the volume will be
published following the symposium.

If you are interested in presenting a paper, please send an article you
have written on this general topic, along with a brief biographical
statement, by email to

Anne-Marie Hartenstein (anneh at rice dt edu)
Claire Bowern (bowern at rice dt edu)

or by snail mail to

Rice University Linguistics Symposium
Attn: Claire Bowern
Department of Linguistics, MS-23
PO Box 1892
Houston, TX, 77251-1892.

by 1st October, 2005.

If you wish to be kept up to date on announcements for the workshop,
please go to and fill out the online
web form.

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