Lakoff critique

Tom Givon tgivon at
Fri Jun 10 12:55:17 UTC 2005

Dear FUNK people,

With all due respect to Tahir, whose view I may even share, I would like to
suggest that FUNKNET be kept free of political discussion. If you need to
get at George (I have nothing against that, in principle), please do it in a
political forum. FUNKNET has, from the start, been a strictly professional
forum. Let's keep it this way.  Peace,

Tom Givon


Tahir Wood wrote:

> The following essay is devoted to a short piece that Lakoff wrote around
> the turn of the present year
> Were the brief article that George Lakoff published in The Nation
> (December 6, 2004) not so insidiously dangerous, it might be thought to
> have met the highest standards of political farce and parody. That is
> the way I would have taken it were I not simultaneously involved in
> reading some of Lakoff's other panegyrics to the great "democratic",
> "progressive" American citizenry, who, we are told, in the article cited
> above, initially, "came together in this election, voted for Kerry and
> rejected the Bush agenda".
> Full:

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